Americans Among the Hostages Murdered by Islamic Terrorists in Algeria (UPDATED)

This just in: Obama blames the attack on a video.

According to news reports, many of the hostages who were seized yesterday at the BP natural gas facility in Algeria have been killed.

Hostages from America, France, and Japan were among those taken. An Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group calling themselves “Katibat Moulathamine” or the Masked Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack, in retaliation for France’s military intervention against Al Qaeda-linked rebels in neighboring Mali.
Obama and Hillary are silent except for a sparsely worded confirmation from the State Department ‘condemning the attack’ and that they ‘are closely monitoring the situation’. Neither of them seem interested in making a public statement. Or apology ads.

Speaking of Mali, Romney was blasted by leftards for bringing up the brewing situation during the final presidential debate.

American contractors, workers, and corporate people who travel to regions of the world saturated with muzzie extremists and internal conflict are taking a big risk with their lives.  That’s not good for business, either.  There are conflicts and atrocities being committed all over the African continent.  It’s a cesspool of tribal war, greed, corruption, and bloodbaths. It’s been that way for centuries.  No American should be there unless we’re lobbing bombs or engaged in a war to kill the enemy.

Remember, Al Qaeda is dead and GM is alive.

Algeria attack planned before French strike in Mali-officials

Algerian militants planned their hostage-taking attack on a remote desert gas plant well before a French military operation against militants in neighboring Mali, European and U.S. national security officials said on Thursday.

Intelligence indicates that the hostage takers, believed to be members of a breakaway faction of al Qaeda’s North African affiliate, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), had planned to capture the hostages and take them to a hideout where it would be harder to mount a rescue attempt, a European security official said.

Which means that this is part of a larger, more organized plan.


At least 60 hostages are missing after a botched Algerian rescue attempt.

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