America’s Food Stamp Binge


The USDA is running a racket in order to justify receiving billions in taxpayer dollars. The way this program is being pushed is despicable.  This is the same Obama regime that thinks food stamps are ‘stimulus’.

The Great Food Stamp Binge (Fox News)

There’s a record 47 million people receiving government food stamps and other assistance.  That’s at least 47 million who won’t work because it’s easier to get “free” benefits.

Other corrupt activity by the USDA:

‘Sensitivity training’ that teaches the pilgrims were “illegal aliens”.

Facilitated the Pigford scam.

Spawned the likes of racist Shirley Sherrod, racist Shirley Sherrod, who deliberately withheld assistance from a white farmer.

Giving illegal aliens food stamps.

America has been ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a nation of lazy slugs sucking off the public teat. The rugged individualism and self-reliance that built this country is being destroyed by a bloated federal government obsessed with controlling the population through dependency.

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