An E-mail From a Nut Case

No, it’s not Jim Rogers, this time: (, although it’s eerily similar to his unique brand of moonbattery.

It looks as if it’s been written by an escapee from an insane asylum. The IP address indicates it was sent from “Staybridge Suites”, a quaint 3 star hotel in Andover, ‘just minutes from Boston’. This fruitcake is either on the run from imaginary CIA operatives, or he’s jacking off when he’s supposed to be working the front desk.

This kind of shit makes running a blog so much fun.

ISP: AT&T WorldNet Services
Proxy: None detected
Type: Corporate
Country: United States
State/Region: MA
City: Andover
Latitude: 42.6489
Longitude: -71.1655
Area Code: 978

Submitted on 2009/03/08 at 8:33pm

I have to make it public. It’s suppose to be secret, however most people in Austin, Tx knows about it. The police department has machine that can read your mind. It can also change the way you feel. Sexual impulses, anger, and causing you to feel fear paranoia, basically anyway they would like to feel. This means it can cause a girl or boy to feel sexual. So sexual that they will have sex with strangers. This is just like rape. This is just one crime they commit with this machine. A machine that can read someone’s mind will be used to violate everyones civil rights. Ideas and secrets about company will be stolen by their competition with ease. People will be spied on in there homes, without a warrant. (this means someone will be able to watch you during intimacy without your knowledge.) There are a lot of people all over the United States knowing about this machine and the police department being able to use it. Start thinking about how the government has given the police department a weapon to commit not only one of the biggest civil rights violations of all time, but to commit war crimes such as rape and interrogation without the knowledge of the victim. I know it is hard to believe however if you happen to know someone in the police department, just ask if they have this machine. After that, I would also like people to think about how we are able to get the government to stop letting the police department violate civil rights and commit war crimes against there own citizens.

Hey ‘not skeered’,

Here’s a photo of a guy that probably bears an uncanny resemblance to you:


Now, if you’re at the reception desk get back to work, ya putz.

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