Anarchist Thugs Riot in Britain

The entitlement culture has another shit-fit.

Over 200 people were arrested as extremists brought violent chaos to central London yesterday after hijacking the much-heralded trade union protest against public spending cuts.

A massive clear-up operation was underway today after trouble continued to flare late into the night as hundreds of people clashed with officers in Trafalgar Square.

Police confirmed 201 people were in custody and there had been 84 reported injuries during the protests. At least 31 police were hurt with 11 of them requiring hospital treatment.

The suspects are being held in 21 police stations across London. The Metropolitan Police are now reviewing evidence collected from CCTV cameras and officers.

Between 200 and 300 people were still in Trafalgar Square late into the night, with some throwing missiles and attempting to damage the Olympic clock within the square.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said officers had ‘come under sustained attack’ as they tried to deal with the disorder and attempted criminal damage, with officers using ‘containment’ tactics in a bid to manage those congregating. The area was eventually cleared by around 2.45am.

‘A large number from the crowd are throwing missiles and have attempted to damage the Olympic clock within the square,’ he said.

‘Officers have come under sustained attack as they deal with the disorder and attempted criminal damage.’

……Although much of the debris left by yesterday’s carnage had been removed today, Trafalgar Square was still showing signs of what had gone on.
The words ‘fightback’ and ‘Tory scum’ were scrawled on one of the four bronze lions, while red paint remained on part of the 2012 Olympics countdown clock.

If there’s any doubt as to the groups and ideology behind the riots, this should clear it up:

Under siege: Anti-capitalist protesters surround Fortnum & Mason, climbing on the roof to daub activist graffiti before making their way inside

One rioter tries to break a window at a HSBC bank in Cambridge Circus, central London

Protestors in London

Civil disobedience: Demonstrators use a giant road sign to smash through a plate glass window at the Ritz Hotel

……Breaking past a small group of police, nearly 1,000 protesters charged into Fortnum & Mason, famed for its wicker picnic hampers and for delivering tea to the Queen.
After forcing themselves through the ground floor doors into the area selling luxury cheese and chocolate at around 4pm, the mob ran amok. Afternoon shoppers, among them dozens of Japanese and American tourists, fled up the stairs, followed by police officers who tried to stop the occupation from spreading.
Activists made speeches on the ornate spiral staircase and baskets full of £5 bags of Easter bunny chocolates were pushed over and spilled on to the floor.
Black-clad anarchists, wearing face masks to hide their identity, shouted abuse at customers and launched into tirades about class war. One threatened to attack a customer in a restaurant, outraged that they were carrying on eating salmon sandwiches.
More here:

This has less to do with “tax breaks for the rich” then it does sensible spending cuts and the requisite “class war” declared by the anarchist punks.

Once you saturate a population with a cradle-to-grave Nanny State mentality, you can expect tantrums whenever the economic reality of fiscal responsibility hits the fan. Britain is now suffering the consequences of the socialist monster it created. The scumbags who vandalized Trafalgar Square would rather bitch about not getting enough government welfare than actually working for a living. Nothing fires up a disgruntled “workers of the world unite” crowd more than wealth envy.

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