Anarchists, Communists, and Other Assorted Thugs and Fruitbats Riot at G20 Summit (UPDATED)


Toronto Police seize machetes, sledgehammers, hot sauce from G20 protesters
Ashley Hutcheson for National Post

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair displayed a shocking array of weapons and tools obtained from arrested G20 protesters this morning at police headquarters.

The recovered items included body armor, sledgehammers, machetes, an electric drill, saws, crowbars, shields, aluminum bats, dog repellent, bamboo rods and bottles of hot sauce.

Although the display of items took up half the lobby of the headquarters, officers on hand said more than five times the amount on display had been seized by police.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Blair said the items on display demonstrated the extent of the criminal conspiracy surrounding the violent G20 protests over the weekend.

“No one should be so naïve as to think these people were there for the purpose of lawful protest,” he said, noting that the items were capable of “delivering deadly force.”

“We are all deeply disturbed by the crimes that were committed here.

Guess who paid for this clusterfuck?:

With thousands of people marching in the streets of Toronto, Canadians may be asking who’s paying for these protests against the G8 and G20 summits? Well, if you belong to a union, the answer is you are.

From pushing for a global bank tax, to demanding Canadian taxpayers fund overseas abortions and even launching a court challenge over police tactics, Canada’s labour movement is front and centre in the fight against the summits.

Not everyone agrees with this kind of political activism by unions.

“Mandatory dues collected from workers should not be used to undertake political activities,” said Garnet Genuis, a senior fellow with the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies.

Genuis is co-author of a report that calls for an end to the use of union dues to pay for political action.

The usual gang of idiots make their requisite appearance at the G20 summit.

Police raided a university building and rounded up more protesters Sunday in an effort to quell further violence at the global economic summit after black-clad youths rampaged through the city, smashing windows and torching police cruisers.

Police said they have arrested more than 500 demonstrators, many of whom were hauled away in plastic handcuffs and taken to a temporary holding center constructed for the summit.

Despite the violence, no serious injuries were reported among police, protesters and bystanders, Toronto Police Constable Tony Vella said Sunday.

Thousands of police in riot gear formed cordons to prevent radical anti-globalization demonstrations from breaching the steel and concrete security fence surrounding the Group of 20 summit site.


Here’s some of the little scumbags at work:




This is one of the “articulate, intelligent” supporters giving their 2 cents on YouTube:

anyone who says that the police are arresting violent protesters are full of shit. As for the rioting and smashing of the downtown yesterday who gives a fuck they’re all filthy rich stores they smashed!!!

Take a look at the signs. Whenever there’s a protest all kinds of crazies come out of the woodwork.

It’s likely they post shit on their websites and print flyers from the comfort of mommy’s basement.  

Anarchists/community organizers/activists are such fucking clueless morons.   Wanna bet none of them have a real job?  Most of them are college students, unemployed, or leeching off of ‘public assistance’.    The average age of those little assholes couldn’t have been much more than 20 something.  By the time they reach 30, maybe some of them will end up becoming productive members of society, working for the system they currently despise.   By then,  they will have acquired two things: reality and brain cells.  The rest will end up as bitter, sandaled, Che T shirt-wearing, washed-up revolutionaries cranking out propaganda for the Worker’s World.

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