Andrew Klavan on Republican Establishment Cowards, Dem Elites, and Radicals


From his article at The Daily Wire

……As I’ve often said, Trump is a great big American character with great big American flaws – and some great big American virtues too, often overlooked.

But you know what? At least he fights.

Never-Trumpers have retreated from the political battle we’re actually into an imaginary world where they are knightly defenders crossing swords with the Ray Harryhausen skeletons of ideological decay. They call their anti-Trump PAC The Lincoln Project. They call their anti-Trump websites The Remnant or The Ramparts. The idea is that they are the last men standing atop the last redoubt fighting for the party of 1860 against the perfidious President the Donald who has so badly disfigured it.

Well, no.

Black Lives Matter – a small and violent radical organization dedicated to a Marxist revolution and bent on hobbling our police and destroying the American family – has terrorized this country with riots and other ugliness for a long month now. They are not black – only one-sixth of the protesters are black – and they don’t care about Black Lives or they wouldn’t be attacking the police. The police killed nine unarmed black men in 2018. Seven thousand four hundred blacks died at the hands of murderers that year…..Black Lives Matter doesn’t give a damn.

And yet what is the response of our elites to these terrorist thugs? Corporations rush to show support for them. Democrat governors, who impose unconstitutional bans on worship in the name of keeping us ever-so-safe from the Chinese Virus, celebrate and join in with their massive demonstrations. Democrat spokesmen – also known as the news media – play down the “mostly peaceful” violence while upbraiding and cancel-mugging any law-abiding citizen who dares to draw a gun to defend himself against it.

So what about the Republicans? The ones who get their ideological ideas from Honest Abe. The ones we’re standing on the ramparts to defend the remnants of.

……Back in the Obama years, the leadership of the Republican Party told me to my face that they would “use” the Tea Partiers to maintain power while meeting none of their demands for constitutional governance. They announced in public that they would never try to impeach Obama, leaving him free to shred the Constitution with his misuse of the IRS, the State Department, and the FBI. They would not legislate against unbridled illegal immigration. They would not cut entitlements. They would not repeal the oppression of Obamacare.

What Lincolnian principles have these people represented in living memory? What ramparts are we standing on to defend what remnant? If the True Republican Party is an outpost, it’s Jamestown, long gone. Donald Trump did not destroy it. He rose to power because it had been destroyed. He is the emanation of their failures.

……That’s your Republican Party. That’s your Conservative Movement, too. That’s why Trump is president. Because at least he fights.


In 2015, I wrote about the sorry state of the flaccid Republican party.  With few exceptions, they rolled over and played dead in the face of Obama’s corruption and tyranny. They needed an overhaul. They still do.

The Tea Party was formed in response to the hubris of the Obama regime and the GOP’s refusal to fight back.

Tea Party members were targeted by Obama’s weaponized government agencies. In spite of all the hot air blown by the GOP during the hearings on IRS corruption and coverup, no one has ever been held accountable. Just like the rest of Obama’s regime.

Donald Trump is successful, exuberant, brash, confident, thinks outside the box, and goes against the grain of the Swamp status quo.

He’s reversing the damage Barky Obama did to this country and has accomplished more positive improvements to the economy, foreign policy, and national security during his first term in office than all the previous White House occupants since Ronald Reagan.

And the Dems hate him for it.  So do the RINOs.



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