Annie Leonard’s Propaganda for Kids

Leftwing educators are conducting classroom indoctrination in this country, and some of the crap that’s being published in school textbooks is so far out of wack, it’s unrecognizable.
They’ve revised documented world history to fit the history they wanted.

A couple of years ago Jeffrey Zilber, a self-described “progressive Democrat” from Madison, Wisconsin, wrote a children’s book titled “Mama Voted for Obama”; a Dr. Suess-type political tract.

Last week, a video surfaced which showed young elementary school kids in Burlington, N.J., being led in cult-like chants and songs of praises for Jesus Christ Obama.

There’s another “instructional” video geared towards young children, called “The Story of Stuff”. It’s produced by Annie Leonard, ‘Sustainability Workgroup Coordinator’ at the Environmental Grantmakers Association.


In a nutshell, it’s an animated ‘capitalism and America are bad’ film for kids.

I watched the first several minutes of it when Glenn Beck aired it on his program, and was completely sickened by what I saw.,2933,554481,00.html

Beck interviewed a parent from Sarasota, Florida who discovered that his kids had subjected to this communist pap at least twice, in a classroom setting.,2933,555065,00.html

Leonard jumps in early with a depiction of the United States military as a tank; a big, scary thing that gobbles up 50% of our budget. Actually, the big scary tank only takes in 21%.
Leonard skips over the truth about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare taking up of the bulk of domestic spending.

Link to diagram:

That means at least 80% of domestic spending goes to social security, welfare, retirement benefits, and infrastructure.

She laments about “the golden era of consumption”; that it is “the heart of the system, the engine that drives it”. You bet it its, sweetpea. It’s called supply and demand; the basic tenet of free market enterprise. It’s part of the ‘engine’ that drives profit, employment, and the economic well being of our country. Now that we’re suffering a nation-wide current unemployment rate of 9.7%, she won’t have to worry about “consumption” for a while.

She goes on to compare big, bad consumerism with 9/11:

That’s why, after 9/11, when our country was in shock and President Bush could have suggested any number of appropriate things, to grieve, to pray, to hope. No, he said to shop. To shop!

The first thing George W. Bush did was encourage people to pray and not to be afraid. Then he did another appropriate thing, to the dismay of the Left, and proceeded to hit back at the Islamic terrorists that attacked the country.

She launches into an America-bashing tirade; blaming us as the main cause of all of the world’s problems—real and imagined.  Pollution, poverty in Third world countries, the supposed devastation of the planet’s forests and vast resources are all America’s fault.

There’s a “test” given at the conclusion of the video.

It reiterates the radical talking points such as:

“In the United States, we have less than 4% of our original forests left”.
Which conveniently ignores the massive re-planting that replenishes whatever is harvested.

“Our national happiness peaked sometime in the 1950’s”
Really? During the height of the nuclear scare? The father-knows-best decade of few job and educational opportunities for women? That decade? You’d think a savvy little activist like Leonard would know things like that.

“Forty percent of waterways in the US have become undrinkable.”
First, lets take a look at the world’s drinkable supply.

97% of the water on earth is in the oceans. Only 3% of the water on earth is freshwater. Nearly 70 percent of the Earth’s fresh-water supply is locked up in the icecaps of Antarctica and Greenland. The remaining fresh-water supply exists in the atmosphere, streams, lakes, or groundwater and accounts for 1 percent of the Earth’s total water supply.

A technology that provides water in arid and densely populated areas is desalination—removing the salt from saltwater so that it is drinkable. Desalinated water is used widely in the Caribbean, the Middle East, North Africa, and even the southeastern United States. Desalination is an expensive process, but new developments are reducing the price at the same time that demand for water is growing. Considering that 97% of Earth’s water is saltwater, this process could make a difference in many people’s lives.

Which means that in the not-too-distant future the 97% that isn’t ‘drinkable’ can be made so.

Facts that Leonard conveniently left out.

Newsflash for Leonard: Too much waste and planned obsolescence aside, the United States has some of the strictest environmental regulations on record. You want filth? Try going to those Third World countries we pour billions of dollars into every year. They will not clean up their act, politically, economically, or environmentally. They refuse to drag themselves into the 21st century, choosing instead to wallow in tribal wars and corruption. China, by the way, is a major contributor to environmental filth. An estimated 178,000 people in its major cities suffer premature deaths from pollution. Their children have 80% higher blood-lead levels than what is considered dangerous.

Leonard’s socialist ideology is showcased in this statement:

“…I hold true to the vision and values of the Government should be of the people,by the people, for the people. It’s the Government’s job to watch out for us, to take care of us, that’s their job.”

Their job? Scuse the fuck out of me, but I don’t like the idea of a cradle-to-grave Nanny State for able-bodied people who suck off the teat of a welfare system fed by billions in taxpayer funds. It’s the job of the government to legislate, enforce laws, and uphold the Constitution; not to be Big Brother.

If Leonard wants to vent about something worth her time, she should make a video of the billions in pork barrel spending, the tax/bailout orgy, ObamaCare, and the socialist handbasket he’s using to take this country to hell.

“Activists” like Leonard want us to apologize for our existence. I refuse to.

She finishes up the 20 minute spiel by letting us know in Obamaesque terms that we can “reclaim and transform this linear system into something new…sustainability and equity…green chemistry…zero waste…closed loop production…renewable energy…local living economies…”

She ran through the gamut of every leftwingnut sales pitch except ACORN “community organizing”.
This kind of child programing is taking place far too often and usually under the radar of parents and publicity. Children that age are supposed to be learning how to read, write, and do mathematics.
They are not mature enough to sift through the complexities of politics. They’re naïve and impressionable; malleable minds to people like Leonard and the teachers who push this shit in the classroom. Parents who don’t raise hell about this ought to have their heads examined.

The more this kind of agitprop is discovered, the faster we can stop it in its tracks.
The best disinfectant is sunlight.

9 thoughts on “Annie Leonard’s Propaganda for Kids”

  1. Cheryl McElroy,

    You wrote in responce to Chantelle:
    “Every concept taught in Leonard’s propaganda film portrayed capitalism and America as an ‘eeeeevil’, scary thing that children should fear and reject.”

    Read this:

    and this:

    Also, you probably know that the United States is the only country in history that has dropped nuclear bombs on thousands of civilians in Japan. So it’s up to you define what America is.

    1. Danny,
      Using articles from a leftwing anti-war blog gives you zero credibility.
      Yep, we dropped bombs on Japan and brought that war to an end. I won’t lose any sleep over it, either.
      America is a super power defined by a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, and a nation of people who don’t take shit from foreign enemies who attack our soil.
      It must suck to know that your evil empire split into pieces. You Russkies sure made a go of it, though, with 70 years of communist tyranny and millions of dead people to show for it.

      SFC MAC

  2. sfcmac,

    I am from Russia and I find it interesting that instead of asking me what the situation looks like from the outside you attack my country. Your strategy is obviously to prove that the US is better than other countries and therefore it is moving in the right direction. It is not.
    I will give you a few facts. The US has a very high rate of violent crimes, higher than average in the developed world. The US has a very low average literacy rate. The US population has very poor grasp of geography and of what is going on outside of the United States. People in the United States are prisoners of the have-it-all mentality promoted by capitalism, they have a lot of loans, and they have to work more and have less time for rest, than in Europe. The United States is heavily dependent on cheap migrant labour and that is why the “fight against illegal immigration” the US government is waging will continue. The US wants to control the entire planet and that is why it has the largest military budget, that is why there is so much scaremongering in the US media, and that is why the US and the US controlled NATO have invaded so many countries since the collapse of the Soviet Union. People are getting tired of the belligerent and invasive US politics. Go to Europe and ask common people. I have seen demonstrations against US military bases in Japan. Some people do not want to hurt the feelings of Americans but in private conversations they admit they are tired of the US stiving for the world hegemony. The world hasn’t become a safer place after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Why? Because the US is the only superpower nowadays and it can define itself only when it has an enemy. When the enemy is gone it creates a new one. Before the USSR collapsed, the CIA supported many terrorist movements in Asia. Nowadays the US is officially “fighting” them. The world is in a mess because the world elites who rely on capitalism and who own the largest share of wealth do not want peaceful life for the majority of people. Just look at the UNited States proper. No free healthcare system (Canada has one). Opposing the Kyoto Protocol (Japan and other advanced nations support it). The largest number of shooting incidents and a deeply divided society (think of Finland or Germany where things are very different).
    All this might be unpleasant to read for a person like you who thinks the US model of society and economy is perfect. But it is delusional. It is not perfect, it is in fact very bad. And it’s main flaw is that it is unsustainable, not self reliant. It requires more and more. It plunders the whole planet while exporting violence in return. The Earth is going to turn into wasteland if things remain the same. If that’s what you want, I feel sorry for you.

    1. Danny,

      Once Obama is out of office we can get back to going in the right direction. He’s a marxist, a narcissistic sociopath, and a petty little tyrant who has shredded the Constitution for the last 7 years.
      As for Russia, spare me your lectures.
      If Annie Leonard likes communism so much, she should live in Russia. Even after 26 years of “Commonwealth of Independent States”, your country is still in deplorable shape, and shows no signs of entering the 21st Century.
      Your economy sucks and the only ones who thrive are the government and people who get rich off the black market.
      Russia is reinvigorating the old Soviet threat. Everything Putin does is a throwback to the old Soviet regime. Vlad is an old KGB officer and never assimilated into the post-Soviet democratic movement. He sends political opponents to insane asylums, murders journalists, and has tightened his grip on the Russian media. He annexed the Ukraine and Crimea by force, and invaded Georgia when it declared independence.
      He’s also been intruding into our air space and in the waters off our coast. It looks as if he wants to goad us into another Cold War. Don’t mistake America for your door mat just because Putin bitch-slaps Barky on a regular basis.

      Dos Vedanya, Tovarisch.

      SFC MAC

  3. It’s interesting that those who attack Annie Leonard’s views do not give their actual names as if they were trying to hide their identity. Annie Leonard raises very serious issues in her videos. Those who deny that these issues should be addressed and dealt with are in denial and do not understand what’s going on. If the world economy is not going to change, we will soon run out of resources and simple things like pure drinking water and pure air will become scarce and not availbable to everyone. Just because capitalism is concerned with making more profit and not with making life better for people. We need a new system.

    1. Daniel,
      Your IP address indicates that you’re in Russia. If that’s the case, you need to be worried about Putin’s Soviet-style tyranny, and any draconian effect his authoritarian regime has on your life. My identity is on the “about me and this blog” page. I’m not hiding it by a long shot. You need to read the comments I made in the post. I dissected her lunacy, point by point, pretty well. Annie Leonard is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist moonbat with an abject hatred of free market enterprise. Her spin on capitalism is right out of Das Capital. She is far from alone. I understand quite well what’s going on. The Left has concocted indoctrination in the form of Common Core and other politically-driven curriculums that in no way resemble the precepts in the Constitution or a Democratic Republic. It’s designed to spoon feed socialist crap to malleable minds of youngsters who are not mature enough to sort fact from propaganda. Capitalism and industry, though not perfect, have certainly made life more convenient and better in a multitude of ways. In America, the computers we own, the cars we drive, our clothes, our homes, our indoor plumbing, electricity, and fuel for our heat and cooking, are products of capitalist free enterprise. Consumers are not powerless. We have the right and the obligation to raise hell when the products and services are not to our liking. Third world nations, the Middle East, and communist countries are rife with problems caused by unsanitary practices. Western nations are subject to more stringent laws regarding the elimination of industrial waste. On the other hand, government in this country has gotten intrusive and way out of control with regard to personal and individual liberties. We need a new system, alright. We need another revolution in this country that gets it back on course with the Constitution and away from the socialist Frankenstein unleashed by the Obama regime. As for resources, we still have plenty. As a matter of fact, if Congress has enough damned sense to pass the Keystone Pipeline bill and override any attempt by Barky to veto, it would be a big step in getting the OPEC monkey of our backs. The air and water in America is fine; it’s the corrupt politicians I’m more worried about.

      SFC MAC

  4. Patriotism Now. National anthem in our schools. Pledge of allegiance. This ecocommunism, the same shit in a different box. I would like to show the killing fields in every school in the USA. Communism KILLS.

    RESET 2010

  5. Chantelle Prince

    You are trying very hard to deny the obvious. American kids are submitted to plenty of pro-capitalist propaganda every day, Annie is not communist nor anti-American, she wants a fairer world which will be sustainable. I want my son to have a decent world to live in, the current system is not working. I suppose you deny global warming, too?

    1. Chantelle,
      Lady, you are seriously delusional.

      I hope the rest of Australia isn’t as looney.

      I actually watched the film. Every concept taught in Leonard’s propaganda film portrayed capitalism and America as an ‘eeeeevil’, scary thing that children should fear and reject.
      The obvious thing, and I know you missed it, is that capitalist free market enterprise is one of the basic tenets of a democratic Republic. Every school kid should learn how the system works and how they can benefit from it as a productive member of our society. In a fairer world the oppressive communist ideology that propelled despots like Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Jong Il, and Mao into power, resulting in the deaths of millions, would have never come to fruition. The system you and Leonard want stifles creativity, productivity, individual rights, choices, and freedoms.

      If you want your son to grow up in a decent world, then focus your energy on preserving a democratic way of life, not advocating socialist/communist doctrine (like Obama’s) hellbent on destroying America’s economy and national security.

      “Global warming”, my ass. I have to shovel at least 5 feet of “global warming” off my driveway every winter.

      Newsflash: Climate change is not caused by humans. Matter of fact, we have “climate change” here in NE Ohio, four times a year.



      “Global warming” is a hoax. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

      SFC MAC

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