Another Border Agent Murdered by Illegals: ‘These people are coming here to do horrible things’

The real motivation for the influx of vermin ain’t for the good of the country.

The blood spilled by these thugs is on Obama’s hands.

From Breitbart.

Border Patrol agent and vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, Shawn Moran, debunked the argument that illegal immigrants are only coming to the United States to work on Friday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

“These are not people just coming here to work as the so-called line is fed to us. These people are coming here to do horrible things. And I think the murder of Agent [Javier] Vega shows what these people are capable of,” he said. And, “We’re up against close to 50 years of lack of border enforcement by the U.S. government. We have two political parties that are unwilling to take real enforcement action, and we have had two administrations in a row that gutted enforcement actions by the U.S. Border Patrol, by ICE agents, that do not allow us to actually go to do our job. We are handcuffed at every single turn.”
Moran also reported that the Border Patrol Council is pushing to classify Vega’s death as “a line of duty death” because “it would open up quite a bit of benefits to his family.”

Agent Vega was spending some family time off duty when he was gunned down by two illegal Mexican pigs who had been deported but came right back into the country because no one stopped them.

The carnage in the wake of Obama’s orchestrated amnesty will get much worse. They are already seeping into the northern part of the United States; some of them have popped up in affluent liberal neighborhoods, much to the dismay of the snooty blue-nosed residents.  When the crime rate and chaos get to dangerous levels, then maybe the rank and file American will get pissed enough to take action.

People who live in a fish bowl don’t care until they’re forced to.

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