Another Case of Stolen Valor Exposed: Texas Man Faked Military Career as Highly Decorated General

A total phony who never served one minute in the military. What a shitbag. I’d love to deck the son of a bitch.

Meet “General” Michael Douglas McDowell.


His not so Soldierly mug shot:


From Guardian of Valor.

A fan sent us the link to the recent arrest of Michael Douglas McDowell, he not only faked his own Military career, but also that of his father when he died. Complete with making fake comments on an online guest book from people like General David Petraeus. He was also married to two different women at the same time.


Uniform complete with all his fake awards

Notice all the awards, including the 3 CIB’s. I guess he did not know that the Infantry Museum keeps a list of all 3 time recipients on their website.

Courtesy of Star-Telegram: FORT WORTH — “When Brig. Gen. G.B. McDowell passed away on Veterans Day 2011 near Seattle, condolences in an online guest book lifted up his son, Col. Michael Douglas McDowell.

Top military officers, like now-retired Maj. Gen. J.T. Furlow, wrote that it was a pleasure to have known Michael McDowell’s father and to have served with Michael McDowell throughout the years.

“You are a warrior of valor, a knight of devout courage, and a Soldier of the highest order,” Furlow wrote to Michael McDowell. “Your Father is looking down from Heaven proud of the son he raised. Godspeed as you promote up to the very rank your Father held.”

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, then director of the Central Intelligence Agency, left his own heartfelt message for McDowell and his fiancee at the time, Christy.

“My staff and I are praying for you and Christy and your mother as you go through this time of sorrow and grief over the loss of your father,” Petraeus wrote. “General McDowell was a great man and leader, and I am confident that you will accomplish even more than he did in his lifetime. “Thank you for your devout and faithful service to your country and for being a great man that leads by example.”

Current and former board members of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association, who had come to know “Colonel Mike” over the last decade, chimed in.

“It is with deepest regret that I did not have the opportunity to meet this great American and service man. And a great honor to call his son and legacy a friend,” wrote Sgt. Stephen Hall.

But the legacy, it turns out, was a lie.

McDowell, 57, has never been in the military. Neither had his father — actually an Irving evangelist who died in 1985 while leading a revival in California.

 The comments from top military officers were fake; investigators believe they were written by McDowell to go along with the phony obituary that he’d created for his father.

……Now, McDowell faces criminal charges as local and federal investigators continue to dig into a ruse that they say spanned at least 15 years and enabled him to fool government agencies and immediate family members.

He was arrested this month in Fort Worth on suspicion of impersonating a public servant and could face charges ranging from forgery and tampering with a government document on the state level to impersonating a military officer on the federal level.

Investigators have uncovered evidence that McDowell acquired special access for at least one Fort Worth police association board member to tour the Washington Navy Yard when it was closed to the public.

He persuaded Texas Department of Public Safety employees to issue him valid driver’s licenses without his picture or fingerprints because of his work as an “intelligence officer.”

The article goes on to say that McDowell drove around in a vehicle with government tags while in his fake uniform, carried a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist that contained files labeled “Top Secret”, and he introduced himself to a police chief handing him a business card that said “Col. Michael McDowell, USA Directorate for Counterintelligence Near/Middle/Far East Operations”

This mutherfucker was pretty brazen.  He didn’t care who he took advantage of. He’s a total douche with no conscience. The fitting punishment for an asshole like him would be to put him in a room full of real military veterans and let them beat the shit out of him.

In 2012, the assclowns on the US Supreme Court decided that frauds who impersonate military service members are protected by “free speech”.

In May 2013, Congress flipped the bird to the SCOTUS turds and passed the Stolen Valor Act. It was signed into law the following month.

It’s not a victimless crime. It’s called ‘stolen valor’ for a reason.

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  1. On a serious note. This story reminds me of that woman back in the early 2000’s who successfully passed herself off as an American to both the FBI *and* the CIA, but it turned out she was an illegal alien with connections to Hezbullah or some such Islamofascist group. Nadia-something was her name.

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