Another Socialist in Obama’s Lineup

Go figure.

Carol Browner, President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to be his climate czarina, served until last summer as a member of a socialist organization whose mission is to enact progressive government policies, including toward environmental concerns like climate change.

Browner’s name and biography have been scrubbed from the Web site of Socialist International, the umbrella group for 170 “social democratic, socialist and labor parties” in 55 countries. But a photo of Browner speaking in Greece to the group’s Congress on June 30 remained in the site’s archives.

Browner, formerly the longest serving administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, having served under President Bill Clinton, worked on Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which argues that the global community must work collectively to address environmental policies.

“We are aware that essential tasks still lie ahead which we can master only through common action, since human survival increasingly depends upon the joint efforts of people around the world. … It is the people of the world who should exercise control by means of a more advanced democracy in all aspects of life: political, social and economic. Political democracy, for socialists, is the necessary framework and precondition for other rights and liberties,” the Web site reads.

The SWS commission includes among its 14 members the former prime minister of Sweden and former presidents of Chile and Poland, as well as the president of Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party and the leader of Morrocco’s Socialist Union of Popular Forces.

The “Global Warming” phraseology won’t work anymore. It’s been debunked not just from reputable scientists, but Mother Nature has a way of driving the point home with sub-zero artic temperatures.
The new PC term is “Climate Change”. That way, the eco-kooks asses are covered whether it’s summer or winter.

Browner, a former Clintonista, has been brought back for Bubba Regime Part II. Except this junta will be much worse; economically and national security-wise. Who’s next? Some leftover members from the Soviet Politburo?

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  1. “It’s been debunked not just from reputable scientists, but Mother Nature has a way of driving the point home with sub-zero artic temperatures.”

    Pray tell, name those reputable sources. It seems that your desire to smear everything “liberal” clouds your evaluation of the facts. Sorry about that. On the bright side, I hear ignorance is bliss.

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