Arizona Bill Cracks Down on Illegals

Good for them.

Arizona lawmakers are on the cusp of approving one of the toughest measures against illegal immigration in the nation by expanding the authority of local police to check the status of individuals suspected of being in the country unlawfully.

The measure, which is expected to become law, is re-igniting passionate debate over a topic with broad implications for both political parties.

“We’re going to take the handcuffs off the police and put them on the bad guys,” said state Sen. Russell Pearce, an illegal immigration foe who dismissed suggestions that the bill would result in police roundups of innocent residents.

He said it is necessary to combat an illegal immigrant-driven crime wave that has resulted in Arizona becoming a top state for kidnappings and “the carjacking-identity theft capital of the nation.” It’s aimed at “the drug cartels, human smugglers, the gang members,” the Republican said.

Of course the La Raza radicals are pissed:

Daniel Ortega, chairman of the National Council of La Raza board of directors, said the bill provides a prime example of why Congress needs to enact comprehensive federal immigration reform – an effort President Obama has indicated he may tackle in the coming months despite his predecessor’s resounding failure to do so.

“Proposals like this … are subjective in nature and have no checks and balances,” Mr. Ortega said. “Until Congress passes an immigration reform bill, states will continue to take matters into their own hands and communities and families will remain terrorized.”

No. Only criminal illegal aliens will be terrorized, and that’s just fine.

The Arizona House approved the legislation late Tuesday on a 35-21 party-line vote, with Republicans voting in favor of the bill and Democrats against it. The state Senate had passed the measure – known as Senate Bill 1070 – in February.

……The measure requires police officers to determine an individual’s immigration status if they have a “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the country illegally. Those who are unable to produce documentation of their status can be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.

The bill effectively bans so-called sanctuary cities by prohibiting local governments from enacting policies that direct police to ignore immigration status. Residents who suspect their community is giving illegal immigrants a pass can sue to have the law enforced.

There’s only a few states with tough, no-nonsense laws against illegals. It’s time for all 50 states to follow Arizona’s lead.
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