Arizona Deputy Shot by Illegal, MSNBC Spins it as “Staged”

Hat Tip to Hot Air.

Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll has been discharged from the hospital after being shot in the desert this afternoon. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said Puroll was found after shootout with suspected drug smugglers. It took over an hour to locate Puroll.

The search is still on going for the suspects and it will continue through the night. Hundreds of officers involved in the massive search in the desert near Interstate 8 and Highway 84.

Pinal County is one of the transit points for illegals and smuggling.
The moonbats at MSNBC just cannot help themselves. This story is like crack to the left wing hate peddlers. Tamron Hall tried to spin the shooting as some kind of “staged” incident to support Arizona’s illegal immigration law.

Hall brought on Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu to respond and grilled him on the conspiracy theory put out by the left-leaning Phoenix NewTimes: “a report…comparing the deputy who received that wound…to another officer who had staged a gun battle. The allegation here is that this shooting…was to supposed to help convince people that the tough Arizona law against immigration was needed, that this was the example that you could hold up as proof. What do you say to those claims that this was all staged?”

Babeu replied: “Well, we in law enforcement operate in the realm of facts….We don’t have the luxury to operate just with all these wild ideas that could be out there.” He went on add: “So this news account, they didn’t have the benefit of any of the facts. In fact, they didn’t even talk to me or anybody from my agency.”

As if the massive flood of illegals and the various other felonies they commit once they sneak across, isn’t enough to warrant a tough response to the invasion of U.S. sovereignty. Fuck Hall and every other shit-for-brains liberal who thinks illegals should get a free pass from the law.

1 thought on “Arizona Deputy Shot by Illegal, MSNBC Spins it as “Staged””

  1. butt neckid

    shot in the desert?????? where in the wide wide world of glorious neckid bodies (mine) is the desert???? I have been to maybe 100 different sites and nada zip zilch…’s good the deputy is doing ok. he will be back patroling the arid wasteland of aridzona soon…

    I sure would like to go shooting out in the arid wasteland near the invasion highway….you know just go out and shoot sum cans….messycans…

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