Associated Press Thugs Threaten Blogger

Here’s the story: Brian Ledbetter is a blogger who runs a site called “Snapped Shot”,
(Link: which exposes the photographic trickery used by news wire services.

Snapped Shot Background:
Snapped Shot is a site that deals with the criticism of photojournalism. The industry is inaccurate in its reporting, it falls for terrorist propaganda too easily, and in general, the photos that you see presented as “news” on a daily basis are nothing more than fluff. This site has, from the beginning, intended to correct that by presenting specific instances of bias or inaccuracy along with commentary as to why said photographs are inaccurate. I have never drawn a profit from this website, and have never received compensation for any of the “copyrighted” works that are owned by the AP. Furthermore, I have always been careful to give full credit to the wire photographers who have taken the pictures, and have even interacted cordially with a handful of them.

Well , having been caught in one of their many uh, altered photos, the Associated Press had a indignant how-dare-you hissy fit and threatened all manner of legal retaliation.

The full story here:


After much advice and thought, Brian decided to acquiesce to the AP tards and withdraw the “offending” material.

This is the new censorship, folks. The media moguls don’t like someone calling them on their staged photos, so they bring out the lawyers and harassment.

Gawd forbid a blogger should question the “journalistic integrity” of AP’s blatant socialist/pro Islamic agenda. They’ve got terrorists like Bilal Hussein, posing as “embedded reporters”:

Read: Associated Press Terrorist Employee Finally Charged:

And now they threaten people with legal action if they dare to point out the discrepencies in their doctored photos.
The bottom line here folks, is that the AP censored a critical blogger by forcing him to remove the very photos he analyzed.
He cannot show the pictures in question, therefore, it’s going to be difficult to compare and demonstrate the discrepencies.

Welcome to the new media mafia.

You’ll take our stories and photos as we present them…..or else.

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