ATF Planned to Destroy Evidence From Obama’s Fast and Furious Gunrunning


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has abandoned its plans to destroy gunrunning evidence from Operation Fast and Furious following Republican intervention.

News that the ATF planned to destroy Fast and Furious firearms emerged in early December and, on December 6, 2022, House Judiciary ranking member Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a letter urging the ATF to reverse course.

The letter was addressed to ATF director Steve Dettelbach and said in part:

“Although the ATF apparently intends to forget its dangerous misconduct in Operation Fast and Furious, the scandal is still a matter of public concern. In fact, earlier this year, prosecutors in Mexico charged seven individuals with crimes related to Operation Fast and Furious, including Mexico’s former top police official and a former Mexican Federal Police commander. Given the potential for ongoing criminal and possible civil actions, it is not in the interest of justice for the ATF to destroy potential evidence associated with Operation Fast and Furious. I request that you immediately take steps to preserve all evidence associated with Operation Fast and Furious and confirm in writing that you have done so.”

Breitbart News spoke with Jordan’s office Friday, and they indicated that the ATF responded to Jordan by letting him know they would not destroy the firearms.

The House Judiciary GOP responded to the ATF’s reversal by tweeting, “The agency reversed course and informed us that it will now preserve the evidence related to the Obama/Biden scandal.”

Jordan noted that the continued existence of the evidence is paramount, as “there is still ongoing litigation in Mexico” concerning Fast and Furious.

Moreover, Jordan pointed out that the gunrunning scheme failed to result in the arrest of drug cartel leaders, which was the ubiquitous goal of the operation, and it resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Breitbart News reported the Fast and Furious trial related to Terry’s death, noting that Border Patrol Agent William Castano broke down in tears on the witness stand September 23, 2015, as he described searching for a bullet wound in fellow agent Brian Terry the night Terry was murdered with guns from Operation Fast and Furious.

Terry was shot and killed on the night of December 14, 2010. The murder trial of Jesus Leonel Sanchez-Meza and Ivan Soto-Barraza was underway during the third week in September 2015, while two other individuals had already been sentenced for their involvement in the attack and two remained at large.


At least two Federal Officers and hundreds of civilians were murdered with the weapons the Obama regime sent to Mexico.

ATF agent John Dodson was told to allow guns into Mexico.

Holder not only signed off on the gunrunning, he bragged about it in 2009.  The weapons from Obama’s gunrunning escapade keep turning up in shootouts, murders, and crime scenes.

By the way, a high ranking cartel operative stated that the purpose of Fast and Furious wasn’t to track weapons, but to supply them.

Barky’s DOJ was ordered repeatedly to turn over documents related to this fucking disaster. Obama and the agency kept thumbing their noses at the law and the courts.

Eric Holder was arrogant and flippant throughout the entire investigation of this crime. After he was held in contempt by Congress, he celebrated by going to Disney World.

Both Obama and Holder  lied about and covered up their involvement in this disaster.   Discovered documents and memos prove that they lied.  Both of them obstructed justice by stonewalling Congress, preventing witness testimonies, and threatening to fire anyone who refused to go along with the coverup.

When’s the prosecution?

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