Barking Moonbat Chris Matthews Smears Tea Party Republicans as ‘Baby Kidnappers’, ‘Terrorizing the Country’

Matthews has taken dumbassity to a new art form.

An unhinged Chris Matthews on Monday decried the debt ceiling deal negotiated in Congress, attacking Tea Party Republicans as a group of baby-kidnapping terrorists. He also bizarrely described the compromise as “political polygamy.”

Talking to Jonathan Chait of the New Republic, Matthews excoriated, “Why did [Obama] let this develop for six months…this drum roll of the Republicans saying, ‘We’ve got the baby. You don’t get the baby back unless you pay us?’ Why do you let the other side have the baby, to use kidnapping terms?”

[WMV video here. MP3 audio here.]

In an earlier segment, Matthews talked to Jack Lew, Barack Obama’s Office of Management and Budget Director. The frustrated Hardball host lamented the President’s failure to say,”[I will accept] no game playing, no hostage-taking, no terrorizing this country with the debt ceiling. I’m not going to negotiate with you guys. You can’t play it that way.”

Matthews began the program with this odd explanation of the deal: “Leading off tonight, political polygamy. The problem with this deal being struck among Republicans, Tea Parties and Democrats today is the problem with polygamy. It’s not balanced. It’s not equal. It’s not fair.”

In the last month, he’s compared Tea Party Republicans to “terrorists” and the “Wahhabis of American government.”

The Tea Party—much to the abject horror of the leftwing—is a cross-section of American ethnicities and religious denominations. It’s entirely an original American idea. We share a common goal; to get this country and the government we elect back to the principles in the Constitution. We also want the Congress and the Executive branch to engage in fiscal responsibility and take our national security seriously.  That scares the lacy underalls off an effete like Matthews.

And of course, he couldn’t keep himself from upping the ante of his own disgusting behavior by using the return of Senator Giffords to the House floor as an opportunity to parrot the leftwingnut idiocy of connecting her shooter with ‘Tea Party demonstrations’ and the so-called ‘violent level of the right-wing’.

Matthews hasn’t been paying much attention to the  real violence going on. He need look no further than his own political ideologues.

MSNBC’s portrayal of ‘white racist gun-toting protesters’  lost its propaganda value when it was divulged that it was a black guy with an AR-15.   MSNBC concealed his race on the video:

He was, by the way, licensed to carry than weapon and had every right to carry it in the open.

Leftwing media hacks exploit what happened to Senator Giffords as a way to malign people who believe in getting America back on its Constitutional track.  Had it been a Republican Senator that got shot by a lone wackjob like Jared Loughner, they would have had a field day saying how much they think the person had it coming.

Cockholsters like Matthews are the real terrorists in this country.


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