Barky: We Can Defeat ISIS With ‘Better Ideas’

Just when you think Barky is fresh out of stupid, he pulls more out of his ass.

B. Hussein thinks ‘ideas’ will defeat ISIS and the rest of the muzzie terrorist population.

“Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they’re defeated by better ideas, a more attractive and compelling vision,” Obama said.

This is the same regime of assclowns who think muzzie terrorists can be mollified with ‘job opportunities’. They already have a job.  They’re muzzie jihadists.
Here’s an idea, Barky.  Have a skilled surgeon remove your head from your ass.

3 thoughts on “Barky: We Can Defeat ISIS With ‘Better Ideas’”

  1. SARG…who luvs ya baby???…
    your flavorite barnycull encrusted deep water sailorman that’s whoooo…jc

  2. as an ol’ saltysailorman that was part of the PRP team on many ammo ships sooooo fookin’ long ago…
    here’s how we defeet them fookin’goatmolestin’stinkin’moooooslambs…
    we test some of our ol’ nukes in the fookin’ deserts of the middle east…mostly near their musks [spel chicksday off]…
    then..turn all that sand into glass…it will be low grade glass but it’ll look kool from 35,000’…
    like a bigass lava lamp…
    nuke ’em ’til they glow…allah is at the snakbar!!!…BOOOM…jc

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