Berkeley Moonbats Riot Over Tuition Increase

Revolution for the hell of it.

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin.

When last we heard from entitlement-mongering college students protesting budget cuts at public universities, they were taking torches to the chancellor’s home at UC Berkeley.

……As I’ve noted before, it’s not right-wing Republicans assaulting police officers, abusing government authority to try and drive out the Marines, waging nationwide war on recruiters, and terrorizing researchers in the name of animal rights. It’s left-wing nutballs who always get a pass from the NYTimes columnists and MSNBC loudmouths who’ve been blaming every violent outburst on the planet on the Tea Party movement.

Today, the social justice mobsters on campuses across the country held a nationwide tantrum over tuition hikes. This is how the Left teaches civil discourse to its intellectual progeny: “Gimme!” “Revolucion!” “Smash Patriarchy!”

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they assaulted cops.

Similar stories in California.

More at Michelle’s site:

From the comments:

On March 4th, 2010 at 7:30 pm, publiuswarmac9999 said:
University of Wisconsin Madison contains a large number of radical progressives who think violence is great theater. They don’t give a damn about anyone’s right to an education, particularly the poor who have struggled and worked just to get a chance. It is more fun to have the issue to yell about than to plan a fund raising campaign to get private donations. These are a bunch of coddled babies whose parents never grew up.

As far as California is concerned, the State is bankrupt. It has been issuing IOUs rather than paying its bills. It has driven its important businesses and wealth creators to Texas and other Southwest States who actively advertise a lower cost of doing business. The students somehow are so uneducated as to be unable to connect costs to benefits. No wonder, basics lessons in economics are missing in the general education arena.

Protest Shooter has some photos of the lunacy at these protests. Note all of the references to unions, “minority struggle”, war, “racism”, communism, and “workers of the world unite” crap.
Academic intelligentsia has a fatuous sense of entitlement. States, like the Federal government, are now paying the price for overspending and wasteful fiscal stupidity. The result is the rude awakening of cost-cutting measures.
A newsflash for the students: College education is not a guaranteed right, it’s earned. Many of you come from affluent backgrounds; mom and dad pay your way. Folks like me had a Pell Grant and GI Bill that helped with tuition, but it wasn’t enough. I had to work my way through college. I did odd jobs and was employed part time, through the VA Work Study program. Everything I have was earned. Nothing was given to me.

Instead of focusing your energy on working toward your degree and eventualy becoming a productive member of society, you trash the very capitalist system that hires college graduates.  You hoist signs with hackneyed slogans and march with a conglomeration of idiots with a variety of bitches, moans, and complaints that have little to do with education.  You don’t really give a shit about the sad state of economic affairs.

Wanna change the world? Do something better than immitating a  leftover 60’s radical ‘professor’ who fills your skulls with Trotskyite bullshit, and enthralls you with nostalgic stories of taking over the Chancellor’s office during anti-Vietnam war protests.

You must think after you graduate, you’re going to support yourselves by being professional anti-capitalist agitators.
I think it’s a safe bet that it doesn’t pay as well as getting a real job.

Those of you who have the sense to relate to the real world, will soon find that your greatest frustration will be the intrusion of a run-away government that will take you up on your advocacy of Obama’s “spread the wealth” socialism.

Good luck with that.

3 thoughts on “Berkeley Moonbats Riot Over Tuition Increase”

  1. Rufus Levin

    What a bunch of pansies. All that over MONEY? Sorry kids, in the 60s, the protest was about a terrible war, a draft of kids to go fight an Asian war that was unwinable..and about 50,000 that were dead and millions of citizens killed, bombed, and napalmed.

    Those kids had a cause…and it was not their money…and they did not get pepper sprayed…at Kent State they got shot dead by National Guard troops.

    By the way Leftist Loser….just what do you expect to do with the expensive college degree anyway….go on vacation? Hollering about business is hollering about the job providers. Watch your liberal professors start to get laid off….doesn’t matter how clever and thought provoking their in class ranting is and how they are cool with drugs and video games and comic books too….see, when they lose their jobs because your state has spent more money than it has….something has to happen…and your little tuition hike inconvenience doesn’t matter much next to an adult losing his or her job.

    Grow up….go show us all how your irritation clashes with what you are going to spend having fun on Spring Break, yukking it up with jello shots and booze.

    1. Rufus,
      I agree with 99.9% of your statement; I have only one point of contention: The 60’s protests were just an outlet for horny college students to get laid, high, and blow off some youthful steam. If their “cause” was noble, ya coulda fooled me. Not one of those “principled” students made a peep after we pulled out of Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge came through and slaughtered 2 million people, that we know of. Not only that, but they joined Hollywood, the media, and leftwing politicians in spitting on the troops, literally and figuratively, when they returned.

      BTW: We were winning in ‘Nam until two things happened: 1. We went to Paris and negotiated, and 2. The Democrats pulled the plug on funding. As for Kent State, I have no sympathy for violent protesters who riot, vandalize, terrorize a town, egg on National Guard troops, and get shot in the process. Here’s a link to my take:

      SFC MAC

  2. butt neckid

    If anyone is going to riot…… should be the people who
    are footin’ the bill…….MOM AND DAD…..
    then they should grab their basturd chillin’ and beat the
    snot out of for damages done to any school property
    should be added to………THE TUITION!!!!!!

    nah!!! makes too much sense……my bad.

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