‘Best Friend’ of NY Lawyer Who Threw Molotov Cocktails at NYPD Was Obama Aid

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You’ll want to grab a (Molotov) cocktail and sit down for this Obama tale.

Perhaps you’ll recall the news story of two well-to-do lawyers caught supplying leftist rioters with Molotov cocktails Saturday night. They were later seen tossing the bombs inside a police car, according to authorities.

For this material support of terrorism, which to now has been a serious crime in America after 9/11, the female attorney, Urooj Rahman, was allowed to post bail and be put on house confinement pending her trial.

Rahman is seen below holding a Molotov cocktail in the van driven by her alleged co-conspirator. She’s covering her face with a keffiyeh scarf, a symbol of Palestinian solidarity.

……The Washington Free Beacon reports that attorney Salmah Rizvi “told a judge the alleged firebomber [Rahman] is her “best friend.” Rizvi, now an attorney at the Washington, D.C.-based law firm Ropes & Gray, helped secure the release of fellow lawyer Urooj Rahman by agreeing to be a suretor for her bail. That means Rizvi is liable for the full cost of the $250,000 bail if Rahman fails to obey the court’s orders.”

Rizvi, who bailed out her “best friend,” is a former Obama White House intelligence analyst who reportedly worked for the NSA, the State Department, and the Pentagon. She was an Islamic outreach coordinator for the Obama Administration. Her college was paid for by Paul Soros, George’s brother, and by the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) through the Islamic Scholarship Fund.

In her bio with the Islamic Scholarship Fund, Rizvi claims she had input on the Obama Daily Briefing…

It’s a good thing she has friends in high places. Rahman’s buddy showed up in court on Thursday and offered a bond for her $250,000 bail.

……The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), as well as CAIR, are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood as we discovered during the Holy Land Foundation terror case.

In a series of tweets, J. Michael Waller, a journalist specializing in intelligence for the Center for Security Policy, laid out some of the hair raising facts he discovered about the former Obama Administration intelligence official and concluded:

“So, now we have an Obama intelligence official who worked at the State Department and Pentagon, and contributed to the President’s Daily Brief, who’s tied to CAIR and Soros and provides material support to an extremist who firebombed a New York City police car.”


Just think, Rizvi, a radical muzzie with ties to Soros and the terrorist group CAIR got a security clearance and was one of Obama’s cabinet members. 

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