Biden Has Trouble Keeping up With Everyone at G7 Summit


Joe Biden is meeting with members of the G-7 right now. It’s his first presidential trip abroad. It will be described as a turning point in US-world relations. Trump lost so America is good again or something. Oh, and we’re also leading, except in the Middle East where Biden was AWOL

……From what has been trickling in, he’s allegedly having trouble keeping up with everyone. He’s reportedly not as attentive as Trump—and not even flashcards can save him.



He brought along his wife to hold his hand:

The G7 summit kicked off Friday in Cornwall, England and Joe Biden is struggling to keep up with the grueling schedule.

Joe Biden appeared to get lost at the G7 summit on Friday.

Biden wandered off and looked lost.

“How are your meetings going in Cornwall, Mr. President?” a bystander asked.

A confused Biden turned around and said, “I beg your pardon?”

“How are your meetings going in Cornwall?” the bystander asked a second time.

“Very well,” Biden said as nurse Jill came to the rescue.

“Come on!” Jill Biden said to Joe while grabbing his hand and leading him away like a lost child.

Onlookers busted out in laughter.


Biden’s mind often goes wandering off without a chaperone.  He can’t focus even with a teleprompter. That happens with dementia. His aides have a full-time job trying to get him to stick with the script.

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