Biden Tumbles at Airforce Academy Ceremony


If he keeps this up, he’ll break a hip.

New York Post

Biden fell on stage Thursday after congratulating graduating cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado — drawing gasps from the crowd as onlookers rushed to help the commander-in-chief to his feet.

As the president got up, he pointed at a black sandbag on the stage, indicating that he had stumbled over the object.

Biden fell after saluting and shaking hands with the graduates. Earlier, he delivered the commencement address to the newest members of the Air Force and Space Force.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said later Thursday that Biden was “totally fine” and that he beamed “a big smile” when he boarded Air Force One for his return trip to Washington.

When reporters asked Biden how he was feeling, the president mouthed an inaudible reply to journalists before taking off for the White House, according to a pool report.


……He has tripped or stumbled at least four times before on the steps of Air Force One — drawing embarrassing coverage and comparisons to a high-profile 1975 incident involving then-President Gerald Ford.

Biden is a corrupt, addlebrained clod who trips over his own shadow.

Our enemies are laughing their asses off.

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