Biden’s Brain is Decomposing Right Before Our Eyes


Western Journal

If you had any doubts that President Joe Biden’s mental fitness is deteriorating, he provided further evidence during the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday.

The 79-year-old career politician was again infantilized by his handlers, including the first lady and, believe it or not, the Easter Bunny.

At one point, when Jill Biden was about to read to a group of children, the president pouted, “They’re not going to let me read at all.”

The first lady responded by acquiescing to her husband’s whining by letting him read the first page.

The way she reacted was similar to how one deals with a child throwing a tantrum.

After the reading concluded, Biden started fidgeting in his chair like a 3-year-old, looking confused about what he was supposed to do now.

The first lady then ordered her husband to “just stay” in his seat until he was instructed what to do next.

Again: This is how a parent treats a toddler.




At another point in the festivities, when the Bidens were waving from the White House balcony, Jill Biden directed her dazed husband to “wave, wave” to the crowd.

He dutifully did as he was told.

One of the most jarring scenes unfolded while Biden was talking to people on the White House lawn.

While he was jabbering on, the person in the Easter Bunny costume stepped in and pulled the president away.


Biden was talking about his Afghanistan disaster when the Easter Bunny intervened — presumably to prevent him from committing yet another epic gaffe the White House would later have to walk back.

……The United States is engulfed in multiple crises, both domestically and internationally — all caused or exacerbated by this doddering president and his administration.

He is a global laughingstock, even to U.S. “allies” such as Saudi Arabia.

Just think, this addlebrained numbnuts has access to the nuclear codes.

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