Big Government Nanny States Flounder, Entitlement and Welfare Culture Hardest Hit

This is what happens when socialist governments run out of other people’s money.

Greece’s economic train wreck has led to virtual bankruptcy, and there’s rumbling for an exit from the Euro currency.  If Greece quits the Eurozone, the reinstatement of the drachma and a new system would be difficult. On the other hand, if Greece learns from its mistakes, it will create a more responsible government, start operating with a balanced budget, and encourage its citizens to wean themselves off the public dole.

Germany, one of the most stable countries in the European Union, has handled the euro zone debt crisis pretty well, thanks to Angela Merkel’s  disciplined fiscal policies. Unfortunately, the leftwing Social Democrats (SPD) beat Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) in a recent showdown, and they’re feeding a backlash from the disgruntled beneficiaries of a long standing welfare state.

The United States isn’t faring much better, especially in the  financially wrecked state of California.  As of this year, California’s huge shortfall totals about $16 billion, and that’s probably a low estimate. Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown is going the typical Dem route by pushing taxes to make up for decades of wasteful spending, much of  it on “social services”.  California is a microcosm of what happens when a state is controlled by a cabal of leftwing Dems, anti-capitalists, unions, and welfare proponents. 

The entire country is reeling from years of government waste and gluttony.  During the last 3.5 years of Obama’s socialist kleptocracy, America has fallen deeper into an economic abyss. It will take decades to recover from this.

The Europeans and the United States have cultivated a government Nanny State. Now that the consequences have hit the fan, we are witnessing  the tantrums of an entitlement culture in response to austerity measures. The teat’s run out of milk, children. Time to grow up and live in the real world.  Demand that your government does the same.

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2 thoughts on “Big Government Nanny States Flounder, Entitlement and Welfare Culture Hardest Hit”

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Cheryl.

    The EU is toast, and we’re going to be very, very lucky if we don’t get dragged down with them. Our only hope, quite literally, is to get SCOAMF out of the White House and then pressure the heck out of the new administration to get this ship turned around.

    Can’t be done overnight, but if we don’t get started soon, the the whys and hows won’t mattter.

  2. off the reservation

    Everyone needs to be prepared for the typical elitist liberal script. As I have mingled among the elitist liberals enjoying their fine wines, fine cigars, and fine leather chairs, I have listened to their nonsense as they have tried to convince me (a poor stupid native needing their help) of their “wisdom.”

    Liberals look at themselves as the “thinkers.” This is the kind of crap you get when you ask one of these kids today why they do not have a job. Their answer is almost always “holding out for something good to come along.” They are too good to do manual labor or to actually do anything beyond sitting on their ass and spewing bull schidt.

    On to the elitist liberal thinker. Their view is that these “starving unfortunate people” need to be fed and watered. Because if we do not, then these people will be invading our homes and taking everything we have. The liberals are afraid. They are truly scared and looking for someone ELSE to do the work of taking money from those that produce and giving it to those lazy ass-holes that will not go out and work at any sort of descent job to earn money.

    One time I suggested that when one of these dead beats comes around to invade their homes and take their belongings to just them. I was met with horrified gasps that I would even touch a gun (forgetting that I grew up on a reservation where I was hunting by age 9 with a .22 and the bow).

    My point? The liberals are fine running up all this debt. They know that they can be reckless because the responsible people that produce will work harder to make up the debt. At least, they hope that the hard working producers will do this. Funny thing about slaves is that they eventually rebel. And when that happens, a purge would be a very good thing, violently and quickly.

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