Big Journalism Slams Blumenthal’s, Salon’s Journalistic Rendition

The mealy-mouthed gutter snipes at Salon get pounded by John Nolte.

“We got him. We got him. – Mediaite White House reporter Tommy Christopher to a few people just after badgering Andrew Breitbart with a race-baiting question.

My first CPAC and my first first-person look at how the corrupt left-wing media operates. I can’t pretend that anything surprised me, because as Mama used to always say, “Evil is as evil does.” But yes, MaxBlumenthal, Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher and some guy named Daryle Jenkins with something called One People’s Project stalked into CPAC like three old-media hitmen ready and eager to do some dirty work. So eager, in fact, that you could picture them the night before lying in bed at their parents’ house with visions of ambushing right-wingers in their heads.

There was only one problem: the unholy three appear to have forgotten that in this digital age everything’s changed. It‘s no longer just the elites who come heavy. We all carry videos cameras and we all have access to a distribution system Al Gore named the Internet. So a funny thing happened while Max and Daryle were driving dad’s car home, maliciously editing manipulated footage in their heads (you know, kind of like this – gee, Max, what happened to Larry O’Connor catching you in a big fat lie? ), Big Journalism published the unedited footage for the whole world to see, and what the world saw was a raw look at how Journalistic Rendition operates.

And in the case of Tommy Christopher and Mediaite, they did our job for us.

Journalistic Rendition is exactly what it sounds like. Just as the Clinton administration kept its hands clean but still benefited from the intelligence gathered from terrorists shipped off to foreign countries willing to torture – media outlets like Salon and Mediaite benefit from the dirty work they also disavow. shipped their character-assassination assignment off to the unaccountable Max Blumenthal, and by extension Daryle Jenkins. Hoping to punish James O’Keefe for his part in saving the Republic by exposing ACORN, Salon’s obvious desire was to smear O’Keefe as a racist in the hopes of moving the spotlight off a story they’re much less interested in: a taxpayer-subsidized organization that employs a troubling number of intelligent folks disturbingly eager to use their tax-law savvy to aid and abet those who would set up an underage prostitution ring.

And Blumenthal came through for Salon in a big way. The piece hit like a bomb and though it was obvious from the beginning that the very foundation of Blumenthal’s charges could only be supported with provable lies, the piece stayed up on Salon uncorrected for hours.

The Salon smear was so obviously inaccurate that even the Breitbart-obsessed Media Matters stayed away from it and no less than the Columbia Journalism Review found it such an affront to the very idea of journalism that they jumped in and scolded Salon as though there’s still some remaining shred of journalistic honor left to defend.

But Salon’s Journalistic Rendition had worked. After hours of soulless searching and as though they were some kind of legitimate publication, Salon eventually published a correction and the blame fell on Blumenthal and by extension Jenkins. But the fire Salon wanted lit was smoldering and after spreading his lies at the well-trafficked publication, the unaccountable Blumenthal simply moved his smear campaign over to his unaccountable personal website.
See how nicely this worked out? Salon gets to play “Who me?” as the toxic lie of racism they published enters the webstream.

The shit pulled by Blumenthal was immediately pounced on by his intended targets.
Instead of investigating ACORN’s corruption, the MSM leftwingnuts got their panties in wad over the method used to expose it. Obama’s pet voter frauds have been pretty decimated as of late.
What really enrages the lefties is they no longer have a monopoly on the news. They no longer have the ability to package a political story to fit their narrative, without consequence. Sucks to be them.
More about Blumenthal:

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  1. Libertarian Woman,

    If I visit sites like Salon, I have to take a shower afterward.


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