Bin Laden to Dems: It’s your fault

Osama Bin Laden, head Isalmofascist turd, is purported to have released a new tape with his usual ramblings about the “Great Satan” and claims of “no kidding, I’m going to attack you again”, but this time with an added bonus.

He’s pissed off that his Democratic supporters haven’t been able to stop the royal ass kicking he’s getting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also has reading assignments for his worldwide sychophants and advice for the Jews, to boot:

The tape contains no specific threat, senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News’ Robert Windrem. Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.
Officials said bin Laden criticized Democrats in Congress in the video for being unable to stop the war in Iraq. The al-Qaida leader also urged young Muslims to carry out suicide bombings against the West — a piece of advice he offers in most tapes.
Bin Laden also recommended reading books by American authors Noam Chomsky and Michael Scheuer, a former CIA analyst, officials said.
Chomsky’s book cites various examples of American “imperialism”, while Scheuer’s book argues that the U.S. does not “understand” the Islamic predicament.
Bin Laden also suggests the Jews could have avoided the Holocaust if they had put themselves under the protection of Muslims and indicates that the mujahadeen are now determining U.S. policy.


Now that’s gratitude for you. The Democrats ran right into office with the promise that they’d stop the part of America that still believes in fighting for freedom and country, but they reneged. 

He expects too much from people who recoil in horror when a few muslim terrorists are made to stand in their underwear at Gitmo, but have a blase attitude toward the atrocities that put them there.  

Noam Chomsky is one of the biggest intellectually bankrupt idiots on the planet. Not content with being a longtime Communist shill, he’s now converted to prostituting himself to every Islamofascist scumbag he can find, including lending his personal support to Hezbollah. The U.S., according to him, is the root of all evil.  In Chomsky’s warped little mind, America is responsible for every single bad thing that has happened. Ever.  Of course, 9/11 is all ‘our fault’. We prodded the poor Muslims into smashing planes and killing people because we, according to Chomsky, are the “real terrorists”.  Chomsky is a useless sack of shit who should take a grenade, pull the pin and swallow.

Michael Scheuer is a former CIA puke who, as the pseudonymn “anonymous”, wrote an anti-U.S. screed entitled “Imperial Hubris”. The only ‘hubris” is Scheuer’s assumption that people think his ideas are worth a shit. Take for example, his “idea” that Osama bin Laden shouldn’t be identified as a terrorist.  Wow. And to think that the CIA hired him as an analyst.  He is but one glaring reason why The Company needs an overhaul. It’s rife with Ivy League liberals who never spent a single day in the military, and wouldn’t recognize a terrorist if they walked up and kicked them in the crotch.

Bin Laden’s overature to the Jews is over the top. “See, you should have sided with us in WWII. We would have saved you from the Holocaust”. That’s alot of chutzpah, especially since the muslims sided with the Nazis.

The still photos of his latest 30 minute comedy shtick, show that he’s dyed his beard. Maybe next time he’ll wear a wig and a fake nose with glasses.

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