Bin Laden’s Not Impressed

Where’s the love?

Just hours after President Obama landed in the Mideast, Al-Jazeera television aired an audio message believed to be from Usama bin Laden. If the recording is authenticate this would be the first time that the Al Qaeda leader has commented directly on the policies of the Obama White House.

In the message bin Laden criticized the administration’s increased role in Pakistan saying it has spread the seeds of hatred and that Americans should prepare for revenge.

He also equated Obama’s policy with those of former president George W. Bush’s saying Obama is “Walking the same road of his predecessors to build enmity against Muslims and increasing the number of fighters and establishing more lasting wars.”,2933,525109,00.html

If only Obama’s policies could actually  be equated with George W. Bush’s.

I thought the muslim wackjobs would have dropped their war against the infidels as soon as their cheerleader got elected to office.

So much for kumbaya.

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