BLM Thug Loses Testicle After Getting Hit With Rubber Bullet During Riot


Your feel-good story for the day.

The Sun 

A Black Lives Matter activist who was reportedly shot in the crotch with rubber bullets during a Los Angeles protest says the shooting caused him to lose a testicle.

Bradley Steyn – a South African native who was once involved in anti-apartheid protests – is now planning to sue the LAPD, according to TMZ.

……Steyn claims he was hit with the rubber bullets during a May 30 protest over the police killing of George Floyd in the Fairfax district of LA.

He blames the LAPD for “escalating” the violence and he’s going to sue. The rampaging leftwing mob doesn’t like the consequences of their actions.

In 2017, an antifa rioter got hit in the nuts by a pepper ball.

Hopefully, more of this will happen so they can’t reproduce.



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