Boehner, Republicans in Congress, Dragging Their Feet on Defunding ObamaCare

He started out with such promise, but like most representatives who were elected to do what they promised, they usually become part of the business-as-usual bureaucracy.

From CNS News.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) would not say on Wednesday whether the Republican House leadership has any plans to curtail or de-fund any aspect of Obamacare in any must-pass legislation in this Congress.

……At his Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday, asked Speaker Boehner, “Are there any provisions that will curtail any aspects of Obamacare that you intend to attach to any must-pass legislation in this Congress? If so, what are they?”

Boehner responded: “The House believes that Obamacare will drive up the costs of health insurance in America, make it more difficult for employers to provide it. We have voted several times to defund Obamacare. I am sure we will again this year.”

However, under Boehner’s leadership, the House or Representatives has never attached a provision to a must-pass federal funding bill that actually defunded Obamacare. All the must-pass funding bills approved by the House during Boehner’s speakership have permitted funding for the implementation of Obamacare.

When asked if efforts, to defund it again will go into must-pass bills, Boehner said, “We’ll take a look at each of these opportunities when we get there.”

When the hell do you plan on getting there, Boehner?  Before or after ObamaCare has a chance to inflict massive damage to our healthcare and economy?

All 45 outnumbered Senate Republicans voted to add an amendment to the Continuing Resolution that funds the government for the fiscal year,  that would defund ObamaCare.  Meanwhile, the Republican leadership in Congress including Boehner and Cantor, blocked any effort to have a floor vote.

Boehner’s reasoning:

“The government runs out of money on March 27 and our goal is to have the spending fight — whether it’s ObamCare and all the rest— is to have that fight over the sequester,” Boehner responded.

Holding a defunding vote at the wrong time, like during consideration of raising the debt ceiling, could jeopardize the country’s credit, Boehner argued.

“There will be opportunities ahead but do you want risk the full faith and credit of the United States government over ObamaCare? That’s a very tough argument to make,” Boehner added. “The American people are gong to control this.”

The country is broke, spending is out of control and the national debt is approaching $17 trillion.  Our credit rating is in the fucking toilet, ObamaCare is the final nail in America’s economic coffin, and all Boehner can do is say the timing isn’t right.

But he’ll get to it. He promises.

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