Bogus Registrations ‘Not a Problem’

A federal court ruling this week that requires Ohio’s secretary of state to cross-check new voter registrations against social security or vehicle registration databases could have major implications for Hamilton County, where elections officials believe thousands of fictitious registrations may have been filed.

The Hamilton County Board of Elections has received at least 10,000 duplicate voter registrations this year and possibly thousands of fictitious ones, according to deputy director John Williams. The deadline to register was Monday.

Officials don’t know how many of the registration cards are truly fictional because the local board – although it does have some safeguards in place to weed out problematic cards – has no method of cross checking the registrations against a state database.

That’s why cross-checks at the state level are so important.

The problem appears to be particularly prevalent in registrations collected by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. The national group registers low-income, minority and young voters and its registration campaigns have been marred by allegations of fraud.
It registered 224,000 people in Ohio over a 14-month period, primarily in urban areas, according to ACORN. In Southwest Ohio, 99 percent of ACORN’s work was done in Hamilton County, said Katy Gall, of Ohio ACORN.

The registration situation is the latest wrench thrown into an election season already riddled with lawsuits and complaints of disenfranchisement in the battleground state of Ohio.

However, despite the potential for problems, the impact of faulty registrations on the actual election will likely be minimal, Williams said.

“It’s analogous to someone breaking into the bank, but potentially not yet into the safe,” he said. “They’ve broken into the system with a phony registration, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they go on to vote. We don’t want non-existent people voting.”

Really? Then wouldn’t it be a good idea to cross check the registrations? How do you know that Jane or John Fictitious won’t go to different voting polls on election day with all of the phony registrations they get from ACORN?

Fictitious or duplicate registrations could skew registration data and cause more work for elections officials, he said.

No shit.

But it likely won’t cause problems on Election Day because, in the case of fictitious registrations, the voter does not exist and won’t actually show up at the polls. Ohio law requires votes to show ID when they vote.

Look for phony IDs, courtesy of ACORN.

…..ACORN registered more than 1.3 million new voters in 21 states this year. Its goal is to “close the historic gap” in the demographics of American voters by registering typically under-represented groups such as low income people and African-Americans, Latinos and youths.

Under-represented? Give me a fucking break. Every U.S. citizen 18 and over has the right to vote and access to local Board of Elections offices. If you have a legal residence and/or proof of citizenship, you can register. Don’t give me that shit about ‘disenfranchized’ homeless drug addicts and winos, the poor, and ‘youths’. It’s not the responsibility of working, tax paying Americans to compensate for people who won’t account for their own actions and who defer the task of civic duties to others, especially ACORN.

ACORN’s excuse?

ACORN’s national spokesman Brian Kettenring:

“Much like a shopkeeper who is stealing from the shop,” said Kettenring. “No one accuses Wal-Mart of consumer fraud when (employees) steal from the store. The fact that it’s happening in multiple locations is due to the fact that it was a huge registration drive. ACORN is the victim and they’re being victimized twice in all this.”

ACORN is being ‘victimized’ by people who demand they obey the law? Screw you Kettenring.

If Walmart lost a third of its profit because of internal retail theft they’d be out of business.
ACORN is a fraud. It is violating the RICO Act through bribery, falsifying documents, and duplicate fake registrations. Hello? FBI?

The real victim here is the law-abiding public, who are having their votes nulled and voided by a criminal element bent on stealing an election.

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  1. ACORN is a fraud, Obama may very well be a Kenyan fraud, the race card is flying, and Diebold electronic voting machines will be used. November should be interesting, if not ugly…

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