Bombs Rock Oslo, With UPDATES: Reports Say Norwegian Responsible, Death Toll 76

Why it took so long to stop the massacre at the summer camp:

By law, Norwegian police officers must have authorization from their chief to gain access to a firearm, but they have rarely needed to ask, until recently. Violent crime has been steadily increasing, jolting a society used to leaving doors unlocked and children to play without fear. Coupled with growing criticism over the police’s slow response time to the attacks and confusion about the death toll, which was lowered Monday to 76 from 93, there are growing questions about whether the police are equipped to deal with the challenges.

UPDATE: Death toll increased to 92.
UPDATE: According to Norwegian authorities, both attacks were the work of a lone wackjob:

The 32-year-old suspected of massacring at least 80 young people at a summer camp and setting off a bomb in downtown Oslo that killed at least seven is a mystery to investigators: a right-winger with anti-Muslim views but no known links to hardcore extremists.
“He just came out of nowhere,” a police official told The Associated Press.
Public broadcaster NRK and several other Norwegian media identified the suspected attacker as Anders Behring Breivik, a blond and blue-eyed Norwegian who expressed right-wing and anti-Muslim views on the Internet. Police have the suspect in custody.
Norwegian news agency NTB said Breivik legally owned several firearms and belonged to a gun club. He ran an agricultural firm growing vegetables, an enterprise that could have helped him secure large amounts of fertilizer, a potential ingredient in bombs.
But he didn’t belong to any known factions in Norway’s small and splintered extreme right movement, and had no criminal record except for some minor offenses, the police official told AP.

Original story:

Norwegian police — reportedly including anti-terror units — were responding Friday to a shooting at a youth camp run by the ruling Labor Party, where authorities confirmed that several people were wounded. The shooting came just hours after a powerful car-bomb tore through government buildings in Oslo, including the prime minister’s office, leaving at least two people dead and 15 injured.

Sky News reports that a man dressed as a policeman and armed with a handgun attacked the summer camp for children. Norway Police are saying that shots also may have been fired near the camp located on an island near Oslo.

A powerful bomb tore into the heart of Norway on Friday, killing at least two people and injuring 15 as it ripped open buildings including the prime minister’s office. It was the deadliest bombing ever in Oslo, normally associated with the Nobel Peace Prize that is awarded there.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was working at home Friday and was unharmed, according to senior adviser Oivind Ostang.

The square where the bomb exploded was covered in twisted metal and shattered glass, and carpeted in documents expelled from the surrounding buildings, which house government offices and the headquarters of some of Norway’s leading newspapers. Most of the windows were shattered in the 20-floor high rise where the prime minister and his administration works.

Oslo police said the explosion was caused by “one or more” bombs, but declined to speculate on who was behind the attack. They later sealed off the nearby offices of broadcaster TV 2 after discovering a suspicious package.

This is rare, because muslim extremists are responsible for most of the violence in Europe.
To wit:

“So far, police cannot say anything about the scope of the damage, aside from that there’s been one or several explosions,” a police statement read.

……The blast comes as Norway grapples with a homegrown terror plot linked to al-Qaida. Two suspects are in jail awaiting charges.

Last week, a Norwegian prosecutor filed terror charges against an Iraqi-born cleric for threatening Norwegian politicians with death if he is deported from the Scandinavian country. The indictment centered on statements that Mullah Krekar — the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam — made to various news media, including American network NBC.

Terrorism has also been a concern in neighboring Denmark since an uproar over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad six years ago. Danish authorities say they have foiled several terror plots linked to the 2005 newspaper cartoons that triggered protests in Muslim countries. Last month, a Danish appeals court on Wednesday sentenced a Somali man to 10 years in prison for breaking into the home of the cartoonist.

I love how the AP emphasized “blond-haired, blue-eyed”, when you know damned well they’d never describe a muslim terrorist as “dark-haired, dark-eyed, olive skinned”.  Must be the “see, this one’s a white guy!” thing.

Come to think of it, Breivik’s motivation, according to reports of his 1,500 page manifesto, was his ‘hatred for the “cultural Marxists” who have allowed Muslims to immigrate to Europe.’   The fact that most of his victims were children, and not one muslim extremist was killed, is  proof positive that he’s as nutty as a fucking squirrel  turd. 

Speaking of squirrel turds,  the inevitable has happened: The leftwingnut brigade is comparing Breivik to the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, global warming deniers, and main street American conservatives.  They did the same thing with  schizoid Jared Loughner.  Just minutes after Senator Giffords was shot, the moonbats  jumped all over it, throwing the race card and spewing blame at the Tea Party for Loughner’s lunacy.

Well, when actions like Breivik’s match the world-wide muslim terrorist body counts, then they might have an iota of credibility.
Notice how fast the muslim terrorist group, Ansar al Jihad al Alami was quick to claim responsibility.
Even when they don’t pull off an attack, they want to take credit.

The reason  it was easy to assume this attack was carried out by muslim terrorists, is they massacre people like this all the time. 

Even if this was a lone attacker, it doesn’t diminish the threat facing Europe from muslim terrorists. The response to the growing muslim terrorist threat across Europe has not been very convincing. Matter of fact, it’s been downright craven.  Nothing less than a sweep of mosques and known terrorist groups, along with strong immigration laws and border security, will stop this. 

If Western civilization is to survive, we need to meet the threat with as much firepower, crackdowns, and no-bullshit prosecutions (in front of a military tribunal) and executions as possible.

As for Anders Behring Breivik, take him out and shoot him too.

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