Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Has Message for Nut Bag Protester Who Supports Terrorist Tsarnaev

Good for her.



Haslet, who lost her leg in the April 15, 2013 attack, was attending an appeals hearing for Tsarnaev, who attorneys claim received an “unfair trial”.

Tsarnaev deserves every fucking bit of the death penalty for his act of terrorism. The main problem is that this ratfuck will spend years on federal death row, submitting endless appeals.

This is the douche with the sign:



Haslet’s post on Instagram:


A background on Zendran, who is a real loony:

From the Boston Globe:

A Cranston man has been jailed on charges of trying to destroy a giant menorah displayed outside Providence City Hall. The Providence Journal reported that police said Peter Zendran was trying to knock down the display on Sunday morning as two firefighters happened to drive by. The firefighters chased Zendran and held him for police. Police said the 34-year-old Zendran said Providence should not be putting up religious displays in front of City Hall. Zendran, wearing a patch of the Iranian flag on his shirt, pleaded not guilty in District Court on Monday to charges of malicious damage and resisting arrest.




And he thinks he’s Iranian royalty:


That’s quite a Walter Mitty concoction, ya fucking schizoid.  Zendran is in serious need of meds and professional help. His crazy rants are a red flag.  We’ll be reading about him when he commits a terrorist act of his own.


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