BP Oil Spill Spawns Conspiracy Theories

Whenever there’s an industrial accident involving a large corporation vilified by the Left,  (and all of them are ) the requisite accusations  of  “big, evil, greedy creatures destroying the planet”  take off  like the first lap of the Indy 500.

Conspiracy mavens come crawling out of their dark basement computer rooms to tell tales of deliberate sabotage and “blowing up levees”.   We did not have to wait very long to see how they explain BP’s  “deliberate” oil spill. 

Just a quick search on Bing: “BP conspiracy theories”, brought up pages of  bat-shit crazy stories and opinions.

Some nutjob named Paul Evans, who claims to provide “truthful liberal news”, offered this:

Did BP Purposefully Cause the Deepwater Horizon Spill to Make Higher Profits from Higher Gas Prices?

It seems to this writer that the whole corporate world is in collusion to make the world’s people into worker drones and wring the last little bit of money any person might have extra away from them. I honestly think the corporate world is in collusion to separate ordinary people from their money, or rather what’s left of it. I think the process is highly organized and highly sophisticated…. as sophisticated as the software involved in investment banking’s program trading.  And I believe the Obama administration, while somewhat of a voice of reason in the whole process, is nonetheless complicit.

I don’t think the average rich person or corporate CEO gives a damn whether you or I or anyone else lives or dies. I think money is a religion that these people bow down to.


That’s pretty funny, considering Obama’s socialist regime is in the process of separating ordinary people (taxpayers) from their money on an unprecedented scale.  But he’s the voice of reason.  He rambles on that,  “It is as though, if Deepwater Horizon weren’t an unavoidable accident, it would have been necessary to cause something like that. What actions were taken by people in the financial world in the weeks prior to the Gulf oil spill?”   Those “actions”, according to Evans,  involve lots and lots of shadowy financial deals and transactions.

I can’t wait until he comes up with the scenario of BP-trained scuba divers with underwater explosives.

Much of the blame for high gas prices can be placed on oil speculators, but the uncomplicated truth of that is too much for people like Evans to grasp.

When it comes to bat-shit crazy, no internutter site entertains like the DailyKos.

One commentator, aka “Dartagnan”, says that BP is dragging its feet on the cleanup because:

……The sheer magnitude of the lawsuits is going to be staggering–think of the hundreds of billions of dollars in permanently despoiled property alone.  All of these claims will ultimately find their way to BP’s door, or the door of their excess insurance carriers.

Which is why it makes sense, from the standpoint of defending itself, for BP not to stop the gushing, and in fact to take half-measures which by their very nature will not succeed, yet prolong the appearance of BP “making an effort.”  The nature of this type of liability litigation practically demands that BP do this to survive.


According to the Kos Kid genius, BP won’t stop the gushing oil because the inevitable lawsuits are advantageous; drag out the litigation process after faking the inability to stop the spill sooner. Then BP can argue in court that, in spite of all their best efforts, it took “x amount of days” to plug the leak, and liability will be hard to prove. That kind of concocted hypothesis can only be dreamed up by someone with an incredibly frenetic imagination. And a big dose of anti-capitalist resentment thrown in for good measure.

A reminder for “Dartagnan”: Two thirds of the American-based auto industry, hundreds of banks, and several insurance giants, are now owned and dictated to by the socialist-run federal government.  Which should make the capitalist-hating Left ecstatic. The trouble is, nothing holds a candle to the federal government’s ability to be big, evil, and greedy.

The oil spill is taking a long time to clean up because of several factors.

1.  The incompetence and the inability of the federal government to manage the effects of a disaster.

2.  The lack of proper equipment.

3.  The lack of, and apparent disinterest in, the multitude of non-toxic chemicals and substances that can be used to sop up the oil and skim it off the surface, leaving behind clean water.

4. The absence of an emergency task force—government or corporate—trained for this level of a catastrophe.

The last thing any corporation wants is a disaster and the subsequent consequences.  The damage to public relations alone is insurmountable, and the clean up costs millions of dollars and hundreds of workers.

There’s one thing the conspiracy nuts can be sure of. Eco-nuts will use this crisis to rail against ‘corporate America’ and try to shut down our offshore drilling.  Not other countries who happen to be drilling up and down offshore locations, worldwide.  Just ours.  

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2 thoughts on “BP Oil Spill Spawns Conspiracy Theories”

  1. How the one that goes Obama & Co. has dragged it out to make a bigger impact so he could revive the cap & trade crap. He went there in his Oval Office propaganda presentation trying to push the bullshit renewable energy program. I’m all in favor of doing the R&D to make that work but it’s nowhere near ready to displace fossil fuels. Maybe in 20 years, but not now.

  2. I like teories as much as the next guy, but would BP not really rather pump the oil up than waste it in the water. The only theory I see is green nutbacks making this happen to support the No more drilling agenda, or green peace and love and no oil movement.

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