Bradley Manning’s Chain of Command Enabled His Bizzare Behavior


The little fop acted out all kinds of crazy shit and never got kicked out of the Army.

From The Washington Times.

Army PFC Bradley E. Manning, convicted last month of leaking thousands of classified files in 2009 and 2010, had long erupted in angry outbursts and collapsed in fits that his supervisors hoped would be controlled by therapy sessions, court-martial documents show. So they allowed him to keep his security clearance despite his emailed photos of himself dressed as a woman and punching a female Soldier in the face. Besides, the Army was short on intelligence analysts and needed his brainpower in Iraq they said. “I felt throughout the deployment that Manning’s presence as an analyst was important to the mission,” retired 1st Sgt. Paul Adkins, a master sergeant at the time, testified at Manning’s sentencing hearing at Fort George G. Meade, Md. “And my intent was to make sure, if I could possibly do it, that he could maintain his functionality as an intelligence analyst.”
The decision proved costly to Manning’s superiors, the Army and — prosecutors have argued — the nation.

Manning’s record of dereliction and bad conduct:

……A deeply troubled Manning struggled with a desire to be a woman and exhibited an explosive temper. According to court records:

• In 2008, Manning was set back in boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. It took him six months to complete a normally 10-week course.

He later told the judge: “Once at Fort Leonard Wood, I quickly realized that I was neither physically nor mentally prepared for the requirements of basic training.”

Ya fuckin’ think? He should have been booted out right then. His Drill Sergeants failed in their duties as leaders and trainers. You don’t keep fruitcakes like Manning in the ranks and expect good things to happen.

• In August 2009 at 10th Mountain headquarters at Fort Drum, N.Y., his supervisors referred him to mental health therapy for bizarre behavior. On one occasion, a superior found him screaming in a distressed state.

• When he arrived in Iraq in October 2009, he made no secret of his homosexuality despite a ban on gays in the military at that time. He also kept a fairy wand on his desk. Still, he was promoted to specialist.

• In December 2009, he exploded in rage after being told he had lost a day off for being chronically late.

• He visited the U.S. on leave in January 2010 and lived as a woman for two days.

• In April 2010, he emailed his master sergeant a photo of himself wearing a blond woman’s wig and makeup, and described his sexual conflict as “my problem.”

• That month, he also told a superior officer that the video of a helicopter ground assault looked like the one he had seen in a classified judge advocate’s Web page — a tip-off that he was accessing secret sites.

That statement above is misleading. All Intelligence Analysts have access to classified (secret) sites. The stipulation being access level. Clearance is one thing, access is another. Access to information is compartmentalized, and is subject to requirements. Just because an analyst has access to one type of information, does not mean they have access to everything. They have to be cleared (read on) for each level of access, depending on their job requirements and ‘need to know’.

I was an Intelligence Analyst for the bulk of my 30-year Army service. Soldiers in Intel related MOSs have to go through periodic background investigations. They probe all of your activities–good and bad. Every time I submitted to another routine scheduled background investigation I felt like I was getting a colonoscopy.

Manning’s First Sergeant (Paul Adkins) was an idiot:

“I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t recommend the clearance be removed specifically,” he said. “But the intent in regards to him staying in the [unit] was, I felt that his presence what he provided to us as an intelligence section was important enough to retain him.”

Too little too late:

Adkins was reduced in rank for his failure.

……The Army has appointed Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen to conduct an investigation into why Manning remained an intelligence analyst.

“Appropriate action has been taken against 15 individuals identified in Lt. Gen. Caslen’s report,” Army spokesman Troy Rolan told The Washington Times. “In accordance with the Army’s long-standing policy to protect the privacy of individuals below the general officer level, specific information concerning their misconduct is not releasable.”

The Epic Fail that is Bradley Manning started in basic training and ended with damage to national security. All along the way, he was aided and abetted by the very Soldiers who should have protected the Army’s integrity. They ignored his bat-shit crazy antics in favor of political correctness.

The same applies to the massacre at Ft. Hood by muzzie terrorist Nidal Hasan. No one spoke up for fear of being labeled “Islamophobic” and accused of “discrimination”.

And you wonder why this country is in such bad shape.

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