2 thoughts on “Brian Williams Bows to Obama”

  1. Vara Carrera

    I can tell this entire website is written by one with nothing more than an associate degree. My apologies for your lack of knowledge…

    1. Vara Carrera, (txteacher@hotmail.com)

      I can tell your comment was written by a member of the academic intelligentsia; a self-absorbed liberal asshat who really really loves the Obamessiah.

      I’m so sorry if you find the opinions of a retired Army Sergeant First Class and Iraq war veteran, with 30 years of service and experience in strategic and tactical intelligence, so intimidating. I’ve also been to many of the countries whereof I speak.
      Not bad for someone with an Associates Degree.

      Too bad you only perused the one post. There’s so much more on the site for a pompous ass like you to impart “knowledge” on undeserving under-educated folks like me. Try these:



      The things I discussed in those posts have come to fruition. How’s that “change” working out for you, now that our economy and foreign policy are in the toilet?

      Being a “teacher”, I bet you impose your “knowledge” on the malleable young minds of students on a daily basis.

      For that, I am truly sorry and frightened….for them.

      P.S. Obama’s proctologist called….he found your head.

      SFC MAC

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