British 15 Year Old Tortures Hamster to Death

Unfucking believable:

A 15-year-old boy has admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a hamster after freezing it, tumble-drying it and then putting it in a washing machine.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty at Harrogate Youth Court.

Youth magistrates banned him from keeping animals for four years and passed a 12-month supervision order.

“What this boy did was horrendous,” said RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh.
He explained that it took over half an hour for the hamster, named Poppy, to die.
After first being put in a freezer then heated in a revolving drum, it finally drowned in the washing machine.
Pugh said the animal “suffered severe pain and mental stress” and a post-mortem showed it had lesions on its feet and torn claws.

This is what he did to that small, helpless pet:


The vet concluded these were most likely caused by frostbite, trying to climb out of the freezer or hang on to the inside of the dryer drum. She died of severe respiratory or cardiovascular damage.

Poppy’s owner called the RSPCA after finding the pet in the bin.

“The teenager was one of several who were guests at the owner’s house,” said Pugh. “The owner had been out for the evening and came home to find the evidence of what happened. There were droppings in the freezer and the tumble-dryer.”

“Poppy was bought as a gift for the owner’s daughter, who was obviously distraught.
“This was an act of senseless cruelty against a defenseless animal.”,,30100-1295827,00.html

He doesn’t need “supervision”. That little degenerate needs to be hung by his ankles and beaten like a piñata.
Just think what that sick little fuck is capable of doing to kids. Animal cruelty is often a precursor to child abuse and serial murder.

Secondly, what were all the other “guests” doing the whole time this monster was torturing this little creature???
Didn’t they see what the hell he was doing?
If they knew and did nothing, they ought to suffer as well.

Taking your sick fantasies out on small animals doesn’t take a lot of guts. Let’s see the little miscreant try that with someone his size.

Hell, I’d volunteer to be the first in line to cold-cock the little bastard.

5 thoughts on “British 15 Year Old Tortures Hamster to Death”

  1. that thing up there loooks like a fucking bitch azz animale i hate them things u lame azzz bitch u can eat my azz u fucking hoe how ever put dat on there u BiTcH

    1. j_pretty_22,

      Well, since I don’t speak “ebonics”, I’ll respond in proper English: Your hate should be projected at the asshole who tortured that small animal to death, along with the morons at the party who probably knew what he was doing. The picture of the dead animal was taken by the authorities.

      Your IP address indicates a Parkfield, IL location. I bet your hometown beams with pride over the illiteracy rate.

      Try spending your money on a real education instead of that next piece of crack.
      SFC MAC

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