British MPs to Islamic Terrorists: ‘Let’s reconcile’

Britain’s final descent into capitulation:

Boycott of Hamas is ‘counterproductive: British MPs
By Simon Rabinovitch

Monday, August 13, 2007; 9:23 AM

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s and the international community’s refusal to speak to the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is doing more harm than good, a British parliamentary committee said on Monday.

Pursuing a “West Bank first” policy — where Britain and others deal with the West Bank, which is run by the more secular Fatah group, and isolate the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip — will further jeopardize peace, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said in a report on the Middle East.

“The government should urgently consider ways of engaging politically with moderate elements within Hamas,” the all-party group of lawmakers said.

It said former prime minister Tony Blair should personally engage with Hamas to help reconciliation in his new role as envoy for the Quartet of Middle East mediators — the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia.

The committee also criticized Britain’s response to last year’s war between Lebanon’s Islamist Hezbollah movement. It said Blair’s refusal as prime minister to call for an immediate ceasefire had done “significant damage to the UK’s reputation.”

On Iraq, the committee expressed doubts about the United States’ “surge” tactic — a determined offensive against militants fuelled by an injection of more U.S. troops.
“It is too early to provide a definitive assessment of the U.S. ‘surge’ but it does not look likely to succeed,” it said.


Moderate elements in Hamas? Are they kidding? Oh yeah, let’s get a head start on the coming world Caliphate by pulling a Neville Chamberlain.  “Can ya pretty please make nice and stop attacking us? We’ll even throw in our national sovereignty and freedom to boot.”

Margaret Thatcher was the last Prime Minister with the balls to stand up to insane behavior by some of the members of Parliament as well as foreign threats. The absolute folly of this is they, like their moonbat counterparts in the United States, couldn’t care less about who they drag down with them. This is what “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, and fear of “offending” has wrought.

The ritual of denial is not spared when it comes to the success of U.S. troops in Iraq. Since they will never bother to read the actual accounts of the effectiveness of the surge, (even admitted by the new York Times) these limey assholes need to be dragged by their noses to Iraq and Afghanistan to see just how laughably stupid they are.

“Reconciliation”? What in the name of god is happening here? Licking the boots of an oppressor is the new diplomacy? Daring to mention the obvious goals and consequences of Islam gets a reaction of “zenophobic” and “racist”. The guts to stand up to a brutal, vitrolic, obscene, Islamic theocracy is a bad thing to Islamofascists and their sockpuppets.

Having said that, count me in as one of the anti-muslim “zenophobes”.  After 9/11 and the ensuing 21st Century Ottoman push, I don’t have much of a choice.

If ‘moderate Muslims’ (is there such a creature?) start showing up in identifiable numbers, maybe they can persuade the rest of their religious sect to worship peacefully and respect other religions when they do the same.

They can tell them to stop using “Allah” and “Mohammed” as an excuse for their violence or the “Great Satan” will have to bomb them back to the stone age, which in their case, would only set them back about a week.

Tell them (and the British MPs) if they want to subjugate themselves to the yoke of Islamofascism, that’s one thing.  Just don’t expect the rest of us to follow suit.

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