Bubba Clinton: ‘Americans Are Easily Confused Into Supporting Lower Taxes, Spending’

Bubba Clinton, the most corrupt shitbag to take office, before Obama that is, has declared you just don’t understand the economy, Stupid.

……And the 47 percent, those that are adults, they do pay taxes. They pay Social Security taxes. They pay Medicare taxes. They pay state and local taxes. I saw a graph just today which said that basically if you break us down into quintiles, 20 percent, 20 percent, 20 percent, then you break the top 20 percent into 10, 5, 4, 1, we actually wind up paying pretty much in proportion to the amount of income that that groups takes out of American every year.

Wrong, Bubba.  That 47% of government dependents are are on food stamps and welfare. They don’t work, therefore, they don’t pay federal income taxes.

As of August 2012, 142,101,000 Americans were working and 8,767,941 were on disability –meaning there were only 16.2 people working for each person collecting disability.

……the American people can easily be misled, it may be too strong of a word, but confused now because whenever you have a recession this deep, spending goes up on things like unemployment and food stamps and Medicaid for health care and revenues drop because people aren’t making as much money.

A lot of those people who don’t pay ordinary income tax would love to be back paying ordinary income tax. They’d love to have a full-time job instead of a part-time job or any job at all or be able to get a pay raise.

That’s funny. No one can possibly be confused about record unemployment and welfare.  I’d love for them to be back at work and paying their fair share too, Bubba.  But since the United States government has created a cottage industry out of dependency, I won’t hold my breath.  The current economic train wreck was started by you Dems when you forced Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, bailouts, “stimulus”, and the government takeover of 2/3rds of the automotive companies, on this country.  We know who owns this disaster.

No matter how much Obama blames everything and everyone from ATMs to George Bush, the fault is his and the Dems, collectively.

Bubba is very confused.



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