Bubba’s Iraq Flip Flop

Bill Clinton thinks everyone is as stupid as his fawning groupies.  While stumping for the Hildabeast, he’s been telling everybody within earshot that he was ‘against the Iraq War from the beginning’.   Thanks to those who know better and have a memory longer than the last Brittany Spears episode, Bubba’s lie won’t get a free pass. 

From a 2004 report:

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 Posted: 7:55 AM EDT (1155 GMT)

……Clinton has revealed that he continues to support President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq but chastised the administration over the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison.

“I have repeatedly defended President Bush against the left on Iraq, even though I think he should have waited until the U.N. inspections were over,” Clinton said in a Time magazine interview that will hit newsstands Monday, a day before the publication of his book “My Life.”

Clinton, who was interviewed Thursday, said he did not believe that Bush went to war in Iraq over oil or for imperialist reasons but out of a genuine belief that large quantities of weapons of mass destruction remained unaccounted for.

Noting that Bush had to be “reeling” in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, Clinton said Bush’s first priority was to keep al Qaeda and other terrorist networks from obtaining “chemical and biological weapons or small amounts of fissile material.”

“That’s why I supported the Iraq thing. There was a lot of stuff unaccounted for,” Clinton said in reference to Iraq and the fact that U.N. weapons inspectors left the country in 1998.

“So I thought the president had an absolute responsibility to go to the U.N. and say, ‘Look, guys, after 9/11, you have got to demand that Saddam Hussein lets us finish the inspection process.’ You couldn’t responsibly ignore [the possibility that] a tyrant had these stocks,” Clinton said.


From a 2003 speech at Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi:

I supported the President when he asked the Congress for authority to stand up against weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I have strongly supported the efforts in Afghanistan and I would be happy if they would send more troops there because that’s where the real problem is.


The Democratic-controlled Congress gave the authorization for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they really didn’t think it would be used? Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda, and the Taliban didn’t think so either.

At an exclusive May 2006 ‘Democracy Alliance’ fundraising meeting in Austin Texas, Clinton showed his irritation at being questioned about his (and Hillary’s) U-turns:

A surprise guest at the meeting was Bill Clinton, whose agenda seemed to be protecting his wife. But things didn’t work out quite as planned. When Guy Saperstein, a retired lawyer from Oakland, asked Clinton if Democrats who supported the war should apologize, the former President “went fucking ballistic,” according to Saperstein. Forget Hillary, Clinton said angrily during a ten-minute rant; if I was in Congress I would’ve voted for the war. “It was an extraordinary display of anger and imperiousness,” Saperstein says.


Nice try at historical revision, Bubba. No dice.

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