Business Owners Push Back at Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’

When Obama uttered those words, driving home the point that he really hates successful entrepreneurs, he probably didn’t expect this much anger.

An Iowa deli co-owner catered a White House press corps event wearing a T-shirt that showed his feelings:

A Virginia bakery owner gave a big “hell no” when he was offered a photo op with Joe Gaffemeister Biden. The Secret Service came into the bakery, thanked him, and bought a bunch of cupcakes in gratitude.  Biden probably chafes their ass, too.

When the story hit the news, business picked up so well, they ran out of cookie dough and had to close the store early.

Obama showed up at the Iowa State fair for a photo-op at the Bud beer tent, which caused a lot of trouble and lost revenue for the owner. He had to close down for 2 hours while the Secret Service did a sweep. He lost $25,000. Mike Cunningham II, the proprietor, was not pleased:

Cunningham called (it) making a “campaign contribution against my will. I wouldn’t have voted for him before. I won’t again.”

A Romney ad which gives a forum to another small business owner; Ohio’s Dennis Sollman of Sollman Electric:

Keep it up, Obama. Pretty soon there won’t be anyone willing or stupid enough to give you, or your idiot of a vice president,  any photo ops.

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