By Executive Fiat, Emperor Obama Bypasses Congress and the Constitution, Gives Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

You’ll have to compete with illegals for scarce jobs. How’s that “change” working out for all you union tools and working class schmoes who voted for this stupid pandering fuck?

From Big Government.

The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives. The election-year initiative addresses a top priority of an influential Latino electorate that has been vocal in its opposition to administration deportation policies.

The policy change, described to The Associated Press by two senior administration officials, will affect as many as 800,000 immigrants who have lived in fear of deportation. It also bypasses Congress and partially achieves the goals of the so-called DREAM Act, a long-sought but never enacted plan to establish a path toward citizenship for young people who came to the United States illegally but who have attended college or served in the military.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was to announce the new policy Friday, one week before President Barack Obama plans to address the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ annual conference in Orlando, Fla. Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney is scheduled to speak to the group on Thursday.

Under the administration plan, illegal immigrants will be immune from deportation if they were brought to the United States before they turned 16 and are younger than 30, have been in the country for at least five continuous years, have no criminal history, graduated from a U.S. high school or earned a GED, or served in the military. They also can apply for a work permit that will be good for two years with no limits on how many times it can be renewed. The officials who described the plan spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss it in advance of the official announcement.

The policy will not lead toward citizenship but will remove the threat of deportation and grant the ability to work legally, leaving eligible immigrants able to remain in the United States for extended periods.

Anchor babies and young children smuggled in by their illegal alien parents are getting a free pass.  How thoughtful. Reward felons for their longevity.  Last I checked, crossing the U.S. border without authorization is A FELONY.

Illegals comprise part of the DemLeft voting bloc. Voter fraud is rampant throughout the Dem party. This is just Obama’s way of legitimizing it. 

He fatuously claims  that illegals are “Americans in every way except on paper”.  Really??? They didn’t even bother to get the proper paperwork to enter the country in the first fucking place. None of them have been documented.  None of them have taken the oath of citizenship. 

They are foreigners squatting on American soil.

Reaction has been swift:

Sherrif Joe Arpaio vows to continue  enforcement of immigration laws in Arizona.

Gov. Jan Brewer blasted the announcement.

Rep. Allen West calls out Obama for ‘ruling by edict’.

Charles Krauthammer: Obama policy is ‘out and out lawlessness’.

RedState has a run down of reactions from conservative media and the GOP.

Obama actually considers himself to be his own government; able to bypass Congress and the Constitution to make his own rules.  He also told aides it would be so much easier to be the president of China; which he has obviously mistaken for the United States. 

The answer to all this is to impeach the son of a bitch.

Article 1, Section 8 and the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, specifically outline the enumerated powers of the federal government.  Separation of Powers and checks and balances are included in that. Article 2, section 2 gives the president civilian power over the military, the power to assemble a cabinet, the authority to pardon, and to appoint supreme court justices and positions in government departments. 

There isn’t one damned thing in the Constitution which gives a president the power to make laws at their own discretion.

The 10th Amendment in particular, is the most powerful statement of limits on the federal government:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

That means that unless the Constitution grants a power to the federal government, the federal government does not have that power. That includes the president.

He hasn’t just crossed the unConstitutional line since he got in office, he’s moved the goddamned thing repeatedly. He doesn’t just circumvent U.S. laws, he makes up his own and decides to enforce them.

He’s committed enough High Crimes and Misdemeanors to fill a damned encyclopedia.

It remains to be seen if this latest unlawful, unConstitutional tactic by Obama will be tolerated by the American people–including the “independent voters” who have been sitting on the fence so long, they’ll have to have it surgically removed from their asses. 

Remember this?:

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Declaration of Independence


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16 thoughts on “By Executive Fiat, Emperor Obama Bypasses Congress and the Constitution, Gives Amnesty to Illegal Aliens”

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  2. We all are immigrants . We killed the true natives and took their land. Be mad at Obama for a budget wasting the hard earned money of Americans. Ridiculous economic policies over taxation and infringing upon our right to bear arms which is already and has been threatened since big government. He is a pandering idiot but not for that. Good economic policies smaller government and a budget reform will create jobs for everyone if not private sector federal spent on infrastructure and green energy.. thanks please support @RonPaul 2016

    1. @wiyemb,

      Every ethnic group on this planet has been kicked around or done its own kicking, so when someone brings up the “native American” crap I’m quick to remind them that the ‘native Americans’ were just as brutal over territory and dominance. They fought and warred among themselves long before any modern European set foot on the continent.
      Don’t expect good economic policies, smaller government, and budget reform from a Keynesian Marxist. It ain’t gonna happen. As for Ron Paul, forget it. He’s a complete nutbag.

      SFC MAC

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  6. You’re a dumbass… Americans and Hispanics should have the same right to get a job. Where in this act is he saying he is giving Hispanics jobs??? He is giving them the right to work legally and pay taxes since most of them are already working off the books anyway. If a job is open Hispanics and Americans should have the same means of applying for it, and if the American doesn’t get it, I’m sure they weren’t QUALIFIED!

    1. Lauren,
      HEY DUMBASS: Americans and Hispanics??? Let’s clarify things, shall we? If those “Hispanics” aren’t here legally and if they’re not citizens they have no fucking business being employed here. Funny how that goes right over the pointy heads of libtards. AMERICAN CITIZENS and LEGAL RESIDENTS regardless of ethnicity, are the ones who should, BY LAW, have employment in this country. GET THAT? I don’t give a shit if they’re green with purple polka dots, as long as they’re LEGAL RESIDENTS and CITIZENS. The Dems are advocating amnesty for illegal alien Hispanics to add to their Hispanic voting bloc. It’s pandering and it’s in violation of FEDERAL STATUTE. If they’re here illegally, that means that whomever hired them is also breaking the law.

      Going with your logic, if I rob a bank and get away with it long enough, I should be able to keep the money because I already had it for a while, anyway. Just because some illegals haven’t been caught and deported by law enforcement does not give them a pass. They’re criminals. Period.

      As for qualifications, LEGAL RESIDENCE AND CITIZENSHIP is also a QUALIFICATION for employment. To assert that an illegal is hired over an American citizen because the American citizen “isn’t qualified”, is bullshit on stilts. If you really believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale….cheap.

      In Alabama, 70 American citizens were sent home from a construction site in support of Hurricane Katrina relief and replaced with illegals that were transported to the area. The employers announced that “the Mexicans had arrived” and unceremoniously fired the Americans the same day. What you have here is violation of Federal Law and international smuggling of illegals for the purpose of displacing American workers. This type of criminal activity is taking place all over the country.

      Extract your head from your rectum before you post. Dumbasses like you should be forced to submit to an IQ test before you’re allowed to vote…or breed.


      SFC MAC


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  10. Joe citizen

    Once and for all. If people still think that their vote puts a presedent into office then they should be deported, no mater how old they are or how long they have been a citizen. I wish our vote did count and only our vote, (the vote of the people). But it is the electoral college, (Your Governers, Senators and Congressmen of each state who do. PERIOD

    1. Joe,
      I understand fully.
      We are a democratic republic; which means our votes work like this:

      From one of my posts on the subject:

      There is no Constitutional right for individuals to vote in a Presidential election. The only people with a Constitutional right to vote are the electors from each state. How the state legislatures choose and appoint the electors is up to them. It doesn’t necessarily involve a statewide public referendum.

      The 24th Amendment is rather vague:


      Section I

      “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax.”

      The tax provision aside, the 24th Amendment at first glance, not only includes voting for electors, but as individuals in a Presidential election. The first part of that paragraph: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President…” seems pretty clear, unless you interpret the “for electors” as “only” but not “and”.

      I’m very well aware of the Electoral College and its function. What I’m saying is this: The electors cast their vote based on the public vote tally in each state, even though nothing in the exact wording of the Constitution includes the individual citizen voting in a Presidential election.

      The Constitution provides that senators will be elected by state legislatures and the President will be selected by a body of “electors” rather than a national vote. In spite of this, citizens still cast votes for chosen candidates, and not specific “electors”. If the Constitution is taken literally, we’re supposed to be voting for electors, not Presidential candidates.

      Each state has a set number of electoral votes; the popular vote of a state determines to whom those electoral votes will go. Hence, the ‘republic’ concept.

      Having said that, the electoral college only applies to national elections, not state or local.

      Regardless, my point is that illegals have no rights under the U.S. Constitution, nor do they have the right to vote in ANY U.S. election, for electoral college votes, or otherwise.

      SFC MAC

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