Calderon’s Cajones

Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s recent state of the union address is chock full of “reconquista” talk and total disregard for U.S. sovereignty. Not surprising, considering our own state, local, and federal officials don’t take the borders or national security seriously.

Carlos X. Carrillo, the Border Patrol chief in Laredo, Texas is a total obliviot who doesn’t get the responsibility of the Border Patrol:

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop narcotics. … The Border Patrol’s mission is not to stop criminals.

The Border Patrol’s mission is to stop terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the country.”

Scuse me, Carrillo, but we already have a substantial problem with terrorists coming across the southern border. Maybe you haven’t paid attention to all the reports of thwarted plots in this country.  Guess where alot of them came in? Obviously, you’re no better at stopping terrorists than you are illegals.  Carrillo’s asinine statements brought an angry response from at least one Representative:

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) called for Carrillo to be ousted:

“If Mr. Carrillo’s remarks  represent a new mission statement not yet published by the Department of Homeland Security, then Secretary Chertoff needs to come up to Capitol Hill and explain this new mission, because it seems suicidal to me.

If the Border Patrol has developed a new technology that can distinguish between terrorists and other illegal border crossers without first catching them and checking them out, that is good news. But if that is not the case, Mr. Carrillo’s statements are extremely irresponsible and demoralizing to officers in the field.”

Calderon’s views on Mexican “citizenship”:

“I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico. And, for this reason, the government action on behalf of our countrymen is guided by principles, for the defense and protection of their rights.”

Oh really? Hell, in that case, I should squat in your territory, preferably in one of your more sanitary tourist traps like Cancun, and claim it as my own “America”.

He opined about the crackdown on illegals, their employers, and (minor) stabs at border security:

“I want to express again an energetic protest at the unilateral measures taken by the U.S. Congress and government which exacerbate the persecution and abusive treatment of undocumented Mexican workers….The Mexican government will continue to insist firmly…on the need for an integral immigration reform and the categorical rejection of the building of a wall on our common border.”

Unilateral measures to protect our own country from an invasion by millions of felons and terrorist cells. How dare we do that without consulting the south-of-the-border bloodsuckers? “Common border” does not mean dumping ground for human garbage.  I love the “undocumented” wordsmithing. He must take his cue from the lunatic fringe “advocacy groups”.

The government doesn’t even have the decency to be embarrassed at the gall of a foreign leader, or its own disregard of the protection and rights of legal and native born American citizens. 

I have an idea; let’s make ‘citizens arrests’ of illegals and deposit them in front of the homes of Michael Chertoff, Geraldo Rivera, INS and ICE officials, members of Congress and Senate, and the Whitehouse.  I figure, if the criminals are right in front of them, it’ll be hard to dismiss the problem.

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