California Admits Illegal Alien to State Bar

According to Federal statute, Title 8 US Code, sections 1324 and 1325, this son of a bitch is a FELON.

California just allowed a felon to be admitted to the bar.

Sergio Garcia, an undocumented immigrant, was officially granted a law license by the California Supreme Court January 1, 2014, after challenging a federal law that barred undocumented immigrants from receiving professional licenses, unless state lawmakers passed a law stating otherwise. While the court was hearing arguments in the case, lawmakers in California passed a bill that was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, allowing undocumented immigrants to receive licenses.

“With tears in my eyes I’m happy to report I am being admitted to the bar, thank God!” said Garcia on his Facebook page, Jan. 2.

The California Supreme Court had to sign off on all new bar members, and when they found out about Garcia’s status, they asked the Obama Justice Department to weigh in on the case, to which the Department said Garcia should not receive a license. From

“The Obama administration originally opposed Garcia’s admission to the bar, saying that federal law demanded that legislation be enacted granting an undocumented immigrant the right to practice, according to a summary published by

But the Justice Department backed off in November after California’s governor signed a new law that did just that.

The bill, which passed in October and went into effect this week, allows the bar to admit “an applicant who is not lawfully present in the United States (who) has fulfilled the requirements for admission to practice law.”

Jerry Moonbeam Brown along with the California Supreme Court, has just aided and abetted and illegal alien all the way to the State Bar.  Something else doesn’t pass the common sense test. This asshole has had his citizenship held up for 10 years, while other members of his family already went through the process, legally.


It’s still illegal under federal law for a firm or government agency to hire Garcia who does not have federal work authorization. But the justices said they would leave it up to Garcia to police himself and to be honest with potential clients about what cases he cannot take.

Yeah, right. Good luck with that.

“This court’s granting of a law license to undocumented immigrants would not override or otherwise affect the federal limitations upon the employment of undocumented immigrants,” Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye wrote. “Nonetheless, for a number of reasons we conclude that existing federal limitations on the employment of undocumented immigrants do not justify excluding undocumented immigrants from admission to the State Bar.”

So, in other words, just because they’re here illegally according to federal law, that doesn’t mean they can’t get a law license in California. Talk about bat-shit crazy.

Aside from Jerry Brown ignoring the federal statute that prevents Garcia from being employed, what precedent did they use?  You’ll note that Eric Holder’s DOJ backed off after California thumbed its nose at the federal immigration laws, but he won’t hesitate to bring lawsuits against states that enforce the very laws California breaks.

California has morphed into a socialist hell.  Former San Diego mayor and nationally-syndicated talk show host,  Roger Hedgecock, wrote an article titled: California’s Not Dreamin’: This Is the Nightmare of an Obama Second Term. Using California as a microcosm, he describes in graphic detail, what to expect if Obama was given the chance to continue his destruction of America.

As we have witnessed for the last five years, the results are not pretty.


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  1. How can a person who broke the law to get here as a child be on his way of becoming a lawyer.I think the person who admitted him to the bar need to have their heads examined.Now I see why my fathers used to refer to California as the land of fruits and nuts.

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