California Judge OKs Ban of American Flag for ‘Cinco de Mayo’

This kind of PC asininity is getting to be a habit with school administrators and judges.

Via Townhall.

Welcome to America, where wearing patriotic clothing can get you sent home from school.

Seriously. Remember the case of the California boys who wore American flag apparel on Cinco de Mayo? They were sent home from school for disrespecting Hispanic children on “their day.”

Sounds like a violation of their First Amendment rights, doesn’t it?

Apparently not, according to a federal judge.

U. S. District Court Judge James Ware was ruling in a case involving students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA, who were banned from wearing American flag t-shirts on the Mexican holiday in 2010.

The judge determined that the Morgan Hill Unified School District did not violate the First Amendment and said that concerns by school officials over possible violence justified censoring the pro-American message.

“The school officials reasonable forecast that Plaintiff’s clothing could cause a substantial disruption with school activities, and therefore did not violate the standard set forth – by requiring that Plaintiff’s change,” the judge wrote.

Last I checked, we are the United States of America, not the United States of Mexico. I don’t know what Ware’s reasoning was other than his idiotic desire not to “offend”, but he’s got a serious case of cranial-rectal inversion.

I’m sick to death of this. It’s all a political game played by pro-illegal immigration liberals who are angered that states like Arizona are enforcing the laws that the Federal government refuses to enforce.  That’s the bottom line. We’re no longer a melting pot, we’re a Balkanized nation being forced to submit to “global multiculturalism”, which requires us to give up our own identity. ENOUGH.

I hope every patriot in that school wears an American flag T-shirt on the next 5th of May.  It’s OUR country, not Calderone’s.

How to contact Ware to voice your displeasure:
Chief Judge James Ware

San Francisco Courthouse, Courtroom 9 – 19th Floor
450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102

District Judge James Ware’s Staff Contact Information
Calendar Clerk & Courtroom Deputy
Imbriani, Susan

Civil Case Docketing
Felicia Reloba


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