Call Obama a “Waaaaambulance”

*Sniff* “The press is against me”. *Sniff*

Gawd, what a self-indulged crybaby.

It’s all Bush’s fault!!!!

Hat Tip to Fox Nation.

Mark Halperin on The Charlie Rose Show 25 January, said that a “thin-skinned”  Barack Obama “increasingly says that “the Press is against me”.

At about 3:05 into the video.

This is coming from a publicity-created Frankenstein; foisted into power by leftwing media which served as his campaign wing.
The Anchoress at First Things, breaks down THE ONE’s dependency on the TOTUS, his fortress of elitists, and his increasingly erratic behavior, lies, and strange comments like, “I am happy to own up to the fact that I have not changed Congress and how it operates…”
When taken all together, it’s obvious that Obama’s house of cards image is collapsing.
Check out the White House photos she posted. They are disturbing and indicative of unchecked hubris and absence of leadership skills, in the hands of an immature socialist empty suit.

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