Campaign 2012: DemLeft Shifts Into Moonbat Overdrive

They’re particularly bat-shit crazy this election cycle.  The meme is the usual race card and women.

Chris Matthews, never one to shy away from  screeching spit-flecked rants, is on a race card rampage in support of Obama.

Liberal Daily Beast writer Michael Tomaksy and New York Times hack Tom Edsall sang a “RNC is racist” duet.

Touré Neblett accused Mitt Romney of engaging in the “niggerization” of Obama.

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the Democratic convention chairman, made one of the most ironically stupid comments ever, when he said of the RNC, “You can’t just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect a vote for your party or your candidate.” Really? I guess we’re supposed to think the parade of brown faces with Spanish surnames that feeds the maws of Dem propaganda, is just there for decoration.

Former New York Times columnist and NBC reporter Bob Herbert, says, “What he’s (Romney) essentially doing is going all over the place, saying, you know, white people, please vote for me. It’s the only route that he and his advisers see to an electoral victory this November…But, you know, I think — I think in 2012, in the 21st century, you can’t win an election if that’s the only thing that you’ve got going for you. I still think that racial appeals work.”

They’ve also resorted to pulling video Moby’s with registered Democrat women who pose as Republicans.

The Hollywood contingent of loonies has also chimed in.  Ellen Barkin (is she still acting?) retweeted the message of one of her followers that read: “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC ”    Samuel L. (I voted for Obama because he’s black) Jackson is heartbroken because god spared the RNC from Hurricane Isaac.

Funny, but the only political group that keeps repeating the race mantra is the Democratic Party and its media toadies.

The exploitation of minorities and women is part and parcel of the Dem platform. Don’t think for one minute that the DemLeft minds keeping the poor and minorities in their ‘place’ and pushing a class war, while mouthing platitudes about evil rich (white) corporate owners versus the workers. The myth of the Left being for the working class and minorities has been wrung for all it’s worth. The soft bigotry of low expectations.

The Dems have quite a racist history to contend with, and they’ve done everything to deny, coverup, and revise the chronicles of their bigotry.  Their blatant racist comments and  behavior always gets a pass from the main stream media.

The left side of the  ideological spectrum tells blacks they’re persuadable, and levels hate and physical assaults  at black Tea Party conservatives.  All of which is routinely ignored and in some cases, excused by the leftwing media. Black Republicans like Kenneth Gladney,  James T. Harris,  Bill Randall, and Allen West are often treated with obscenities, and horrific violence by so-called “tolerant” lefties. Their sin is choosing substance over pigment; which the Left finds intolerable.

Obama sat in a church for over 20 years listening to the sermons of a rabid moonbat who “god-damned” America and railed against “whitey” and Jews.  New Black Panther thugs commit voter intimidation and use the internet to spread their race war message against ‘crackers’.  Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano has decided that white, middle class Americans are more of a danger than muzzie terrorists who blow up things and people in the name of “allah”.

But Republicans are racist. That’s fucking rich.

Newsflash for the Dems: Clean out your own fucking race closet before you accuse others.

We Republicans and Tea Party supporters choose substance over skin color. I don’t give one shit about the quantity of melanin in your pigment.  If you share our values, you are more than welcome into the fold.

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