‘Cap and Trade’/Global Warming Farce Will Cost Taxpayers

The Waxman-Markey bill, (aka Cap and Trade) named after its Democratic sponsors, Rep. Henry Waxman of California and Edward Markey of Massachusetts, is chock full of nasty surprises, including a including a provision which could prevent homeowners from selling their homes if they aren’t retrofitted to meet federal “green” guidelines.

The House passed this latest Obama monstrosity, and let’s hope the Senate has a little more sanity.

By the way:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is today making public an internal study on climate science which was suppressed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Internal EPA email messages, released by CEI earlier in the week, indicate that the report was kept under wraps and its author silenced because of pressure to support the Administration’s agenda of regulating carbon dioxide.

The report finds that EPA, by adopting the United Nations’ 2007 “Fourth Assessment” report, is relying on outdated research and is ignoring major new developments. Those developments include a continued decline in global temperatures, a new consensus that future hurricanes will not be more frequent or intense, and new findings that water vapor will moderate, rather than exacerbate, temperature.

New data also indicate that ocean cycles are probably the most important single factor in explaining temperature fluctuations, though solar cycles may play a role as well, and that reliable satellite data undercut the likelihood of endangerment from greenhouse gases. All of this demonstrates EPA should independently analyze the science, rather than just adopt the conclusions of outside organizations.

The released report is a draft version, prepared under EPA’s unusually short internal review schedule, and thus may contain inaccuracies which were corrected in the final report.

“While we hoped that EPA would release the final report, we’re tired of waiting for this agency to become transparent, even though its Administrator has been talking transparency since she took office. So we are releasing a draft version of the report ourselves, today,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman.

More: http://blog.heritage.org/2009/06/22/cbo-grossly-underestimates-costs-of-cap-and-trade/
The suppressed report was written by EPA employee Alan Carlin, who is critical of the agency’s position on Carbon Dioxide.

The whole global warming/climate change bullshit is based on manipulated  “science” and  ideology run amok.

Any scientist who doesn’t subscribe to the ‘climate change’ liberal groupthink is squelched, censored, and ostracized, and has even recieved death threats. http://sfcmac.wordpress.com/2007/04/28/gores-hot-air/

What this boils down to is a government scam to raise taxes to support a scare tactic about natural cyclic climate changes. It’s a revenue generating rip-off.   If the Senate passes this weapons grade idiocy, the average houshold could be saddled with an increase in energy costs of over $3000 a year.

To all the Obama voters: Fuck you very much.

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