Cato/Fraser Institute: America’s Decline of Economic Freedom

Since Obama thinks American exceptionalism is absolutely horrid, he’ll be celebrating our downward spiral.

From the Cato website.

The United States, long considered a bastion of economic freedom, has become less free during the past decade. This decline is across the board. Increases in government spending, record deficits, violation of property rights, more onerous regulation of business, and wars on terrorism and drugs have all contributed to the erosion of economic freedom in America. . .

During the past decade, the U.S. rating fell nearly a full point on our 0-to-10 point scale, from 8.65 in 2000 to 7.70 in 2010. While it is difficult to pinpoint all the reasons for this decline, the increased use of eminent domain, the ramifications of the wars on terrorism and drugs, and the violation of the property rights of bondholders in the bailout of automobile companies have all clearly weakened private property and the rule of law tradition of the United States. . .


That’s what you get with a Marxist Keynesian for a White House occupant.



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3 thoughts on “Cato/Fraser Institute: America’s Decline of Economic Freedom”

  1. Except what do you call Bush? The last decade means since 2002. And how do you get a Marxist in the WH without voting him in?
    This IS what you get when you allow children to be educated in gov’t institutions. This IS what you get when you have a populace bombarded with the muck of Progressivism. This IS what you get when you have a creeping ‘learned helplessness’ for decades fostered by the intelligentsia and the media. This IS what you get when you reward Hollywood far beyond any benefit they provide and it creates a ‘guilty conscience in the movie industry.
    This is cultural suicide by any and all available means brought on by a nihilistic academic class of clowns in the universities. This is the death of freedom to be replaced with the ‘managed’ society. Managed, of course, by the intelligentsia. They will do no better than the Soviets.

    1. Daniel,

      Many of us, including myself, DID NOT vote for the SCOAMF. The point in the article is that whatever economic problems there were prior to Obama getting in, his socialist “redistribution of wealth” made them considerably worse.

      SFC MAC

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