CEO Peter Schiff Confronts ‘Occupy’ Idiotarians

Schiff is the CEO of Euro Pacific, a global investment company, who was once fined by government regulators for hiring too many people.

He went down to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ circus and said: “I am the 1%…Let’s chat”.

John Hayward at Human Events described what followed:

Schiff had plenty of takers. The ensuing encounter is a master class on what happens when a serenely confident man, with full command of the facts, talks to a passionate mob of clueless wonders who don’t know a thing about their supposed cause, and don’t think they should have to. Some of these folks are students, but they sure didn’t think there would be a test.
Schiff doesn’t just engage and defeat these people… he short-circuits them. You can see one or two of them making a visible effort to think, which they abandon after realizing it’s much easier to chant slogans.

Watch the exchange. That’s exactly what happens when an intelligent, knowledgable, experienced business person tries to explain economic common sense to a bunch of neo Bolsheviks who have no fucking clue what it would be like to live under the system they advocate. The consequences would not even come close to their vague idea of ‘social justice’.

Schiff dissects and chops their idiocy into little pieces. The reactions of the ‘Occupy’ stumblefucks alone are worth watching.

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