Chapter 100 of TNR’s Beauchamp debacle…

This is the latest tripe from The New Republic on their ‘man in Baghdad’ aka “The Baghdad Diarist”. You know, Scott Thomas Beauchamp, the Army Private/fabulist with more of an active imagination that Lewis Carroll on acid. 

The link at the bottom provides a video debate (of sorts) between the Editor-at-Large of TNR Peter Beinart, and the Editor-at-Large of The National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg.  Goldberg asks pointed questions and Beinart tap dances. 

IMO Goldberg treated Beinart and TNR’s asinine decision to publish Beauchamp’s slanderous, absurd crap, with a set of kid gloves. 

I would’ve gone for the jugular and asked Beinart why, with all of the great battles, accomplishments, headway, and eradication of terrorists, TNR found it necessary to publish the ramblings of a disgruntled problem child.  I would have asked him about the (now fired) TNR staffer who revealed that a high ranking TNR official said: “Franklin Foer doesn’t want to tell Elspeth Reeve (Beauchamp’s wife and TNR employee) her husband is a liar”.  I would have asked him to come clean with the names of the ‘anonymous’ members of Beauchamp’s unit who were supposedly interviewed to validate his wild-assed stories.

I can hardly wait for TNR’s next “Statement on Beauchamp”, which seems to be occurring with less frequency.
In any case, here’s the link to the video.


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