China’s Military Buildup


China’s build-up of sea and air military power funded by a strong economy appears aimed at the United States, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Monday.

Admiral Michael Mullen said China had the right to meet its security needs, but the build-up would require the United States to work with its Pacific allies to respond to increasing Chinese military capabilities.

“They are developing capabilities that are very maritime focused, maritime and air focused, and in many ways, very much focused on us,” he told a conference of the Navy League, a nonprofit seamen’s support group, in Washington.

“They seem very focused on the United States Navy and our bases that are in that part of the world.”

China in March unveiled its official military budget for 2009 of $70.24 billion, the latest in nearly two decades of double-digit rises in declared defense spending.

……Mullen’s comments followed remarks by President Barack Obama’s top adviser on Asia on Friday calling for high-level talks with the Chinese military to reduce mistrust.

Not everyone’s enthralled with THE ONE’s aura; America’s enemies, in particular. That’s why, in spite of the election of the Prince of Peace, countries like China, Iran, and North Korea are dropping trou and mooning everyone with their aggression.
China is one of those peripheral threats that need to be dealt with forcefully, but Obama prefers to talk….as in ‘pretty please’.



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3 thoughts on “China’s Military Buildup”


    About 16 or so years ago I read an authoritative article in a military magazine (don’t remember which, might have been Proceedings) that laid out the case, accompanied by rather voluminous footnotes, that Red China was then in the midst of a major military buildup. Their objective was to be ready and – more importantly – able to beat the United States decisively in armed conflict within 20 years. By my elementary-school arithmetic we’re just about out of time. And here we sit with a Commander-in-Chief who makes Jimmy Carter look competent. With friends like “The One,” who needs any more enemies?

  2. its pretty apparent to anybody who has been watching the chinese buildup gained its momemtom,a few years back. buying up lead,brass,and chromium,under the guise of city building …hmmmm. late 06,buying up old soviet fleets ,and refurbing them,not to mention, the collecting of any large ship they could buy,also being refurbished too fit a military posture. now go back,and thank Jimmy Carter for allowing the Panama Canal to go to the highest bidder,oh China…again. we talk about al-quaida sleeper cells…every piss ant town across America has a chinese restaraunt. all of these establishments are over staffed with military age men,barely any women,not to mention their central american buddies. i may be wrong,but i think we,ve already been invaded by these people,and they are waiting for their moment. that moment very well could be ,when China wants to cash in debts owed to them,with eminent domain as part that repayment promise. when that promise gets broke,you can bet all hell will break loose. as most vavored trade nation,China has been shipping who knows what into this country via, duty free ports, with loose customs procedures, due to that status. now add our mideastern friends,logistcally,all these people together could house,feed and tansport a network of preinvaders,due to the types of bussinesses they have. the chinese and the restaraunts,Arabs with gas stations and hotels,once again every small town has a variety of this going on. you may think this is all paranoia,but take a look and ponder it a little….all ofthem are already here in large numbers

    1. glen,

      I don’t think it’s paranoia in the least. American land and assets have been sold for decades to the Japanese, Arabs, Chinese, and any other foreign entity willing to fork over enough money.

      The United States must borrow more than $2 billion per day from foreigners to finance its huge trade deficits. In 2005, for example, there was a record deficit of $805 billion in the current account, the broadest measure of trade.

      Foreigners sell their televisions, cars and oil to Americans and hold dollars in return. Those dollars are invested in stocks, bonds and other assets, including real estate and factories.

      Foreigners already own half of the U.S. government’s publicly traded debt. As of January, some $2.19 trillion in Treasury securities were in the hands of central banks, including China and Japan, and private investors abroad.,2933,188369,00.html

      It’s our and the government’s fault. We don’t invest in our own country as a priority, we don’t buy enough American-made products, nor do we enforce tough import tariffs on countries who charge us exorbitant import duties when our products are shipped overseas. As a result, our trade deficit alone is astronomical. Should any of those hostile ‘trading partners’ decide to call in their chips, we’re really going to be fucked. In the meantime, Obama is doing his bit to screw up our economy (and national security). With “leaders” like him, who the hell needs the Chinese?

      SFC MAC

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