Chris Matthews Compares Tea Party Patriots to Muslim Brotherhood

So much for “civility”.   Matthews  scrapes the bottom of his intellectual barrel to come up with more idiocy.

In this discussion about the Tea Party’s role in the mid-term election of a Republican Congressional majority, Matthews makes the kind of disgusting comment for which he’s become infamous.

Senator Orin Hatch’s candidacy came up.

Matthews:  “Why are you shooting hard-hats like Mubarak?”

John Feerhy, Republican strategist:  “I think Orin Hatch is a great Senator.  He’s been in Washington for awhile. I think he’s going to get re-elected. I think he’s going to win the primary. But I think like any good Senator, he gets the wake up call form the last election. He’s going back and talking to his constituents. I think Dick Lugar’s doing the same thing, and Olympia Snowe’s doing the same thing.  You gotta get back home and talk to your constituents and make sure that you are hearing what they’re saying, and make sure that your message works with them”.

Matthews:  “So the Muslim Brotherhood has a parallel role here with the Tea Party. They’re the ones that keep you honest and decide whether you’ve stayed too long and when you’ve got a “sell by date”  looming”.

Matthews has that bass-ackwards. The American people decided to throw his Dem pals out of Congress using the freedoms guaranteed by our Democratic Republic.   Delusional leftwingnuts resort to some of the most gawd-awful gutter tripe to insult patriots who want elected officials to respect and honor the U.S. Constitution.

They consider that a threat.

Assclowns like Matthews need to get a good taste of what it means to live under the oppression of an Islamic theocracy.  His descent into oblivion is amazing to watch.

2 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Compares Tea Party Patriots to Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. Mark Reichard

    I think this is shortened and leaves out the broader context–the resignation of Mubarak and who takes over in Egypt. I think the similarities Matthews was talking about was the position that both of them are considered “extreme” players (quotes mine) who are, in spite of their “extreme” status, exerting a considerable influence on political developments within their respective countries.
    (I know Mr. Matthews thinks most of the Tea Party folks are “wingnuts,” but I think he also recognizes that Tea Partiers come in all shapes and sizes, from those who just think taxes are too high to those who believe aliens are listening to their conversations. He’s an unapologetic old-school “labor” Democrat, a rapidly vanishing breed.
    Speaking of context, I notice a link to Breitbart–the same guy who started that phony controversy by taking a very selectively edited section of a speech by that poor woman from the Agriculture Department or something, and making her look like she didn’t want to give government assistance to white farmers. Remember that libelous attack? How does he have any credibility after that? Why do you link to him?
    P.S. Thank you for your military service. I think asskicking female Marine war heroes are HOT!

    So we don’t agree on everything. I believe you’re still a good American. God bless.

    1. Mark,
      Chris Matthews has a hard on for the Tea Party, he’s an unabashed leftist, and he uses his show as a platform for spewing his “labor” ideology. Thank gawd he’s a vanishing breed. In any case, you ought to do your homework instead of taking Matthews’ tripe verbatum. That “poor woman from the Agricultural Department or something”, is Shirley Sherrod, a leftwing activist who is ass-deep in the Pigford scandal as well as noted for making racist comments at NAACP meetings. Her behavior and record are well documented. Far from liable, her public statements are a matter of record.
      PS: Not only am I a good American, I served for 30 years as a U.S. Soldier, not a marine. My IQ is higher than that.

      We certainly do not agree on everything, but I and my fellow Soldiers protect your Constitutional right to express your opinon.

      SFC MAC

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